Alternatives to Dropbox for all platforms

Alternatives to Dropbox for all platforms

Cloud storage is a very interesting option to save data and files. In recent years the available options, capacity and with it also the use have increased. Within all these platforms that we have at our disposal, Dropbox has always been one of the most popular. In fact, it was one of the first. However, in recent days we have seen how they have introduced limitations. In this article, we are going to name some alternatives to Dropbox.

Alternatives to Dropbox for free cloud storage

This cloud storage platform has always been widely used by users. One of its strengths is the compatibility with numerous devices. We could even access an account from multiple devices. This has changed, unfortunately for many users. Now Dropbox has limited access to an account to three devices maximum.

This has made many users opt for other alternatives to Dropbox. There are many options, as we can imagine.


One of the alternatives to Dropbox that we can find totally free is MediaFire. This platform allows us to host files in the cloud easily and accessible from anywhere.

It should be mentioned that the base offers us 10 GB for our data. This is totally free. However, we can expand it, for free, up to 50 GB. It also has a paid version, where we will find some advantages and functions.

In short, this is a good option to host files in the cloud and share them with other users. We can use this platform on the different devices we have.

We can see all the information on their website.


A less known option is FlipDrive. As in the previous option, it allows us to have 10 GB of free storage. It is a very interesting platform to share all kinds of files with friends or family. In addition, we can access them from any device.

Among the options and functions it has, an interesting one is that they value security a lot. Our data here is encrypted. We already know that it is an aspect that users value very much.

If we need more space we can also buy a payment plan . In this way we will have greater freedom to host our data.

We have all the information on your website.

Google Drive

These alternatives to Dropbox could not miss Google Drive. Without a doubt one of the most used platforms today. It offers us the possibility of using it in the different devices that we have and has a wide range of functions.

It is ideal if we want to share files with other users safely and quickly and also be able to access them from several devices. In the free version, we have 15 GB of storage, although we can expand it if we choose one of its plans.


This cloud storage platform has gained in importance in recent times. As in the first two cases, we can have 10 GB for free. Of course, we can duplicate it by following a series of steps, totally free. It also has much more capacity payment plans.

Thanks to pCloud we can share files with any user in a safe and easy way. Privacy and security are issues that are very important.

We have more information on its official website.

XOR Drive

XOR Drive is an alternative to Dropbox very different from the previous ones. We talked about it earlier in a large article. It is a very interesting option to store files in the cloud unlimitedly. It is based on blockchain and focuses on security and privacy.

XOR is a decentralized platform and its interface closely resembles that of Google Drive.

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