Alternatives to Telegram: The 5 Best Applications

Telegram may not be as popular as WhatsApp, but it is the messaging application preferred by many. This instant messaging service owes its popularity to interesting features such as bots, hidden chats, messages that are automatically deleted, support for large files and much more. In addition to these features, Telegram is known for being a very secure messaging application, since it is based on the MTProto Mobile protocol, which supports full encryption of the chats. However, the application may not be as secure as you would like. Today we share the best alternatives to Telegram.

A user has recently posted an update on Twitter that suggests that Telegram records every message pasted in Syslog on macOS, even when you’re using hidden or undercover chats. Telegram CEO, Pavel Durov, avoided the problem in time, but although Telegram for macOS has been updated to correct this, we suggest you use a different messaging application if you really want a safer solution.

Best alternatives to Telegram

1. Viber

Viber beats Telegram when it comes to security, as it has full encryption of messages, calls, photos, and videos. Even the messages between different platforms are encrypted. In addition to security aspects, Viber allows you to make free audio and video calls to other Viber users. But that’s not all since it also allows you to make international calls to people who do not use Viber. It is a great alternative to Telegram for its functionalities, such as support for multiple devices, labels, and hidden or undercover chats.

Viber also offers you public games and chats. The only additional feature that Telegram has are bots, which if you don’t use them too much, Viber is a very good alternative for you.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows (Apps).

2. WhatsApp

You may have used WhatsApp or are using it at present, but if you are one of those who have left this instant messaging application on Telegram due to certain security concerns, it is time to return. Unlike Telegram, which only offers you full encryption on its hidden chats, WhatsApp offers you encryption everywhere. Whether in chats, calls, shared media, etc; Everything is encrypted in WhatsApp, which means that nobody, not even WhatsApp developers, can read your messages. In addition, WhatsApp is now totally free, with functions such as calls, backup copies of the chats in Google Drive or iCloud and the ability to format the text, a feature that Telegram does not have. It is one of the best alternatives to Telegram.

While Telegram users could miss the support of several devices and independent desktop clients, WhatsApp developers are working on features such as support for GIFs and quality improvement in video calls, so we can also expect a lot from this application in the future.

Availability: Web; Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS (Apps).

3. Threema

Threema is another very popular application among people who want a really secure messaging application. The application gives you complete encryption for messages, files and even for the status of the messages. Also, it doesn’t even collect metadata, since group affiliations and contact lists are managed only on your device. The application is open-source, so it also has a very transparent privacy policy, unlike what other companies offer you. Apart from this, Threema offers you a quite complete messaging application with unique functions such as the ability to create surveys and send most of the different types of files. Unlike all the messaging applications on this list, Threema is paid, but it only costs € 2.99, something that doesn’t cost much if you really like it.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows Phone (Apps).

4. Signal Messenger

Signal Messenger is an application developed by Open Whisper Systems, the company that has partnered with Facebook to include full encryption in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Because of this, it is no surprise that it uses open-source protocols. Signal Messenger has complete encryption of chats, calls and shared data. Apart from security, Signal brings all the usual messaging features along with the ability to make calls. Although it does not offer cross-platform compatibility or feature packages such as Telegram. It is still a pretty good alternative if you can live with it.

Availability: Android, iOS (apps), Chrome (Web).

5. Google Allo and Facebook Messenger

Alternatives to Telegram

Similar to Telegram, the next Google messaging application, Allo, not only offers you full encryption enabled by default but also includes an ” Incognito mode ” feature that allows you to speak privately. Even Google’s video messaging application, Duo, also offers you full encryption. The same goes for Facebook Messenger. Facebook has begun testing the Secret Conversations in Messenger, which have full encryption and messages that are automatically deleted.

Speaking of Allo, the application should be launched later this year with many more features than Telegram. It offers you the ability to increase the size of fonts in messages, bots and support for GIFs and tags, which makes Allo an excellent alternative to Telegram. The Allo application also features automatic intelligent response functionality based on your previous responses.

On the other hand, Facebook Messenger is a well-known messaging application, with functions such as bots, tags, audio and video calls, support for GIFs, etc. With secret conversations. At that, it should become one of the best Telegram alternatives.

You can also stay with Telegram

Telegram had its advantages over security in the past, but the other companies have reached it quickly. So all applications are very close. Anyway, Telegram also offers other features, such as the ability to send any file up to 2 GB to other users. Although very soon, you can also send larger files, or maybe you can do it while reading this. Currently, it is also possible to use GIFs or stickers and other things that new generations usually send. Even since 2017, it is already possible to make video calls.

Although it is not a functionality included in the application you also have the possibility of using two phone numbers at the same time in the same Telegram instance, something very useful if you have two phones or two SIMS in the same terminal, although, yes, You will have to use Plus Messenger.

In summary, if you really like Telegram, we suggest you continue using this application. Especially if we consider how quickly developers fix the problems they may have. But if you do not tolerate using a messaging application that has safer alternatives. Or if you just don’t like it, you can try some of the alternatives above. And by the way, it is also open source.

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