How the CCTV drainage survey process typically unfolds

If you are considering a CCTV drainage survey for your property, rest assured that it’s a great way to understand the current condition of your plumbing, drains and sewers. Even better news is that it is much less disruptive than traditional techniques of surveying pipes. It’s less invasive while giving you just as much information as other methods. It’s also faster and can even be cheaper!

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Why a CCTV drain survey?

With climate change making weather in the UK more unpredictable, homeowners need to ensure that their homes are fit to withstand increasingly inclement weather. This is especially true of drains and sewers since if problems occur in this area, it can be amongst the most costly and unpleasant for homeowners to deal with.

But what can you expect when arranging a CCTV drain survey?

Step 1: initial contact and analysis

Those considering CCTV drainage surveys Alcester should hire reputable experts such as They will ask you details about the property and why the drain survey is required. They will then explain the process and agree on a date with you.

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Step 2: Safety checks and set up

Experienced and reputable firms will do a safety check once on the property and begin setting up the CCTV system, using high-resolution inspection cameras.

Step 3: Survey

The camera operator will undertake the survey in real time, noting any issues, analysing the footage and writing a detailed report.

Step 4: consultation and advice

After the survey is completed, the customer will be given a consultation on any particular issues flagged in the report, the general condition of the drains and any recommended actions to be taken. This may include a quote for works to be undertaken.

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