How to Download Instagram Videos: The Ultimate Guide

To download Instagram videos, open the app, select the video, tap the three dots, choose “Copy Link.” Have you ever come across a captivating Instagram video that you wished to keep for offline viewing or sharing with others?

Instagram has become a hub for captivating videos that are worth keeping. However, the platform does not provide a direct download feature for saving videos. But fret not, as there are simple ways to download Instagram videos onto your device hassle-free.

Whether it’s a tutorial, a funny clip, or a memorable moment you want to cherish, this guide will walk you through the steps to easily download Instagram videos and save them for future enjoyment. Let’s explore the various methods to safely and conveniently download Instagram videos.

Overview Of Instagram Video Downloading

Discover how to easily download Instagram videos with simple steps. From saving Reels to copying links and using video downloader apps, this guide provides you with various methods to save Instagram videos to your device hassle-free. Explore the different options and choose the one that suits you best.

Downloading Instagram videos can be easy and convenient. Various methods exist for saving videos from this platform. One common way is by using a video downloading tool. Another option is to utilize a third-party app designed for this purpose. Additionally, you can save videos by copying the link and pasting it into a designated downloader. Remember to respect copyright and ownership rights when downloading videos. Enjoy your saved Instagram content responsibly!

Methods For Downloading Instagram Videos

To download Instagram videos, simply use a reliable video downloader tool such as ‘Video Downloader for Instagram’ or ‘Toolzu’. Copy the video’s link from the Instagram app, paste it into the downloader, and start the download process. Another method is to use third-party apps that allow downloading from Instagram directly to your device.

Methods for Downloading Instagram Videos
Using Instagram Video Downloader Apps
Downloading from Public Accounts
Downloading Instagram Reels
To download Instagram videos, use Instagram video downloader apps. Access videos on public accounts and download Instagram Reels easily. Explore various methods for hassle-free downloads.

Tips And Tricks For Safe Video Downloading

When downloading Instagram videos, it’s important to do so safely and securely. There are various methods to download videos from Instagram without using third-party apps. On an iPhone, you can save Instagram videos directly to your device. Additionally, you can use reputable websites or tools to download videos by pasting the link into the downloader. Always ensure to follow the platform’s terms of use and respect the copyrighted content. By being mindful of safe downloading practices, you can enjoy your favorite Instagram videos hassle-free.

Best Apps For Downloading Instagram Videos

Best Apps for Downloading Instagram Videos
Ranking the Best Apps

Want to download Instagram videos? Here are the top apps:

  • Chillroot: Check out their YouTube video tutorials on downloading Instagram videos, stories, and photos.
  • CNET: Learn how to download Instagram Reels with their #shorts tutorial.
  • Hootsuite: Find step-by-step instructions to download Instagram Reels from your account to the camera roll of your device.
  • Publer: Use the Video Downloader for Instagram app by copying the video link and pasting it to start the download.
  • Social Champ: Learn how to safely download Instagram videos by using the “Copy link” option and downloading it later.

Whether you use an iPhone or want to download videos from different Instagram accounts, these apps provide the flexibility you need. Give them a try and enjoy offline access to your favorite Instagram content!

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Download Instagram Videos

How Do I Download Instagram Reels To My Gallery?

To save Instagram reels to your gallery, open the reel, tap the three dots, and select “Save to Camera Roll. “

How Do I Download Ig Videos To My Iphone?

To download IG videos to your iPhone, open the video, tap the three dots, select “Copy Link,” paste it into a video downloader app.

How Do I Download Instagram Reels Online?

To download Instagram reels online, open your Instagram account, go to the Reels tab, and select the reel you want to save. Tap on it to open it in full-screen mode, then hit the three dots in the bottom right corner to save it to your device’s camera roll.

How To Download Instagram For Free?

To download Instagram for free, follow these steps: 1. Open the Instagram app and go to the desired video. 2. Click on the three dots in the top-right corner. 3. Tap “Copy Link” from the options. 4. Use a video downloader app or website to paste the link and start the download.

5. Enjoy your downloaded Instagram video for free!


So, it’s pretty easy to download Instagram videos with various methods and tools available. With just a few clicks, you can save your favorite videos. Whether you use an online tool or a dedicated app, you have options to download Instagram videos hassle-free.

Now, start downloading and enjoy watching your favorite Instagram content at your convenience.

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