The 9 Best Alternatives to Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is known as one of the best tools that exist for creating professional-looking special effects. This program was created by the Adobe product line with the ease of allowing post-production video editing, as well as allowing the editing of audiovisual effects and motion graphics. Today we share the best alternatives to Adobe After Effects.

Sometimes events may occur that prevent the use of some programs, either because it is not compatible with the computer because it is not the original, the user cannot or does not want to cancel the costs of the licenses for the installation of the tool, or the person does not know how to use all the options and add-ons that are constituted in Adobe After Effects.

The best alternatives to Adobe After Effects

Although Adobe After Effects is considered one of the best programs for creating essential effects in the category of audiovisual effects, other programs that work similarly to this application are managed today.

Making a compilation of the best options to replace Adobe After Effects, the following stand out:

Particle Illusion

Particlelllusion is an application that serves to add special effects to videos, its effects are based on a technique that encompasses the particle system, this, in turn, allows the user to make countless visual animations perceptible to human sight, more if they are abstract effects. A specification that every user should know is that Particlelllusion can only be executed on Windows and Mac.


BluffTitler is characterized as one of the most powerful applications that has been created so far, thanks to the effects it creates during 3D animations. A simple way to describe this program is that it works as a text graphic designer for 3D images, as well as creating attractive videos and web. Perhaps a deficit that BluffTitler has is that it can only be installed on operating systems that contain Windows.


It is considered as one of the best systems that exist to develop designs and manage websites. PHP-Nuke is listed as a fully automated content management system. It has compatibility with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, so it is quite helpful for users who have these types of operating systems.

The versatility that PHP-Nuke has is incredible, the vast majority of its tools are designed to optimize the work, in addition, the designs can even be modified under a system of themes, however, for the latter, the operator must have knowledge in PHP, HTML, and CSS.

Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is a professional video and audio editor, while editing allows you to create high-quality HD videos. Professionals recommend this particular program as an alternative option to Adobe After Effects.

In its structure, essential complements for the execution of the editor are contemplated, in addition, it contains its own options that other applications do not have, apart from this, Sony Vegas Pro has the support of Gigapixel images that allows the project to be more professional, in addition, Internal support for card capture.

Unlike other publishers, Sony Vegas Pro is only used on computers that have Windows.

Water ripples

Water Ripples is a free program that is used in the Windows system. It is considered a lightweight program since in its installation it does not require that the computer have a considerable memory space, this could be said to be a very noticeable advantage that Water Ripples has.


Avisynth is a free and free option that is used to edit videos by using scripts. Its use is exclusive to Microsoft Windows, so it is incompatible with other operating systems.

The Avisynth editing system is nonlinear, so it needs to be controlled through a script. The final format of Avisynth can be AVI or MPEG.

Other functions of this noble program are that it allows the encoding of videos, multimedia playback, even, it is a VFW receiver.


Natron is a program highly valued by users, thanks to the great advantages it offers. This particular software is known to be free and free. The use of Natron is ideal for editing any type of video without any complications. In addition, its tools are perfect for adding special effects during postproduction.


Blender is known as the specialized multiplatform program for modeling, creating graphics and 3D animations. Since its inception, it was created to be run on any operating system to make it attractive to any public, unlike other programs that can only be used on Windows.

Due to all the improvements that have been made to Blender, this program has many versions. Blender can be classified as one of the leaders in graphic computing after Adobe After Effects.

Blackmagic Design Fusion

Blackmagic Design Fusion is a program composed of images that serve to generate visual effects and digital composition during postproduction. Your system is perfect for any operating system, that is, it is free, as well as being free.

The popularity of Blackmagic Design Fusion has been so noticeable that its use has served for major editions of movies and videos and television programs.

Other options alternate to Adobe After Effects

The list of alternate options to Adobe After Effects is quite broad, and if each of these is explained, the topic may be extended much more, however, making a summary of the best options available in the market stand out the following:

  • FXhome HitFilm
  • Nuke
  • Soda
  • ButtleOFX
  • Apple Motion
  • Liconcomp
  • Snowmix
  • PhotoAnim
  • TimeLineFX
  • PixelConduit complete
  • Autodesk Smoke

Although Adobe After Effects is considered as one of the best programs for editing professional and post-production videos, there is a large list of the noblest programs for creating visual effects and animations available for various operating systems.

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