Alternatives to Adblock for block ads

AdBlock and AdBlock Plus (each is a different extension) are the most popular ad blockers in the world. However, for various reasons you may require an alternative to Adblock either because it is not working well, it consumes a lot of ram on your computer or you simply want to try something different to not be so mainstream.

To solve your problem here I will leave you a list with three different ad blockers, with their pros and cons which are extensions for the browser that you can install with just a couple of clicks in the virtual store like Chrome Web Store.

Alternatives to Adblock

UBlock blocker

If you want an alternative to Adblock that is unlike the latter, low-consumption resources on your computer have uBlock. This extension will block ads on the network using filters similar to those used by the famous AdBlock Plus. But it uses another lighter detection engine and less full of improvements so it becomes a reduced consumption extension. Although, due to the same thing, it should be noted that the interface it has as the configuration does not have an intuition as acute as the one that the AdBlock extensions have, however, if what you require is speed and lower ram consumption, this is your choice.

Opera browser for computers

The Opera browser offers you to block ads easily from the factory. To use it you just have to install it and then enable it. If you want to deactivate it on a specific website, go to the URL bar. Next to it you will see a small security shield, click on that icon and change the switch.

When changing the ad switch, a dialog box will appear that will show you the number of items that you have blocked. And you can compare the speed with which the page goes when you use the blocker and when you do not use it.

Additionally, the browser does not enjoy fame or has had it but it is an excellent browser for the newspaper, even better than Chrome and Firefox, which are the most famous since the Opera browser consumes little RAM and very few processor resources which example in a Laptop helps you to give up the battery more and not to heat up the computer so much when you are using the laptop without being connected to the electric current.


AdMuncher is one of the most powerful content blockers that you can get on the market since its creation seeks to take the throne out of Adblock Plus extensions. It has an efficient system that works with blacklists. Which you can edit to your liking, with the aim of not seeing the advertising of visited websites.

You can also block other content such as music, texts, or videos that bother you. This blocker differs from Adblock Plus extensions because it is installed on the computer itself. The others, instead work from the browser, so they are detected and avoided by certain websites.

So now you have different apps and you can download the one you like or fill your needs.

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