What can you do with a drone filming unit?

There are limitless things that you can do with a Drone Filming unit. The ability to attach a small unit such as a camera to the bottom of the drone makes it an interesting prospect for any film or documentary maker who is looking for a particular shot and angle that could not be achieved from ground.  In the past the only way that such high-angle shots could be achieved was by either building an enormous scaffolding platform shot or an expensive helicopter and all main units or flying over the area.

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Drone Filming Means that this process is greatly reduced in turn cost and means that there are so many more options  for filmmakers.  The size of the drone means that it can also get into inaccessible areas.  With the clever use of filming techniques characters can be seen having a conversation amongst trees or buildings then  pan away for an overhead aerial shot.

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The drone also allows for the actor to move around the set freely without the constraints of having to turn as to where the cameras are statically positioned.  This also means that track cameras and large fixed mounted positions are becoming a thing of the past.  Set design no longer takes into account these factors as the drone should be able to navigate the set freely filming the action from many different angles.  It also produces a state of realism in the film.

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