Taking a trailer to the festival

If you are a seasoned festival goer then you will no doubt be pondering the solution to what you can do about all the kit you have to take to have a good, and comfortable time. If you’re a complete novice to festival life then you’re probably having a bit of a panic wondering how you’re supposed to transport everything and do you really need it.

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As the experienced person will tell you the answer is most definitely yes. Festivals are certainly fun to attend but there is so much that you need to consider to make the event easier for you. Don’t forget that you are looking at being there for at least 2 to 3 days and anyone will tell you that you can get pretty filthy and find it hard to get some decent sleep if you don’t have the right kind of set up in place. You’ll need that energy for all the bands and acts that you’ll want to see.

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This means lots of camping equipment and this is hard to lug around the site or get there in the first place. Rather than overload your car, which is illegal, you can solve the problem by using a trailer. Packing all the camping gear you’ll need in there makes for a much better car journey. It’s a good idea to have spare Trailer Parts in case something breaks down on the way there. autoandtrailer.com/ are a good supplier to use for this.

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