Dealing With Drain Flies

We need the drains in our home as they remove dirty water and therefore make sure that we are not being exposed to nasty bugs that are commonly found in water that is dirty. Before we had drains in the UK, people would get water from sources that were contaminated with waste like faeces and rotting food, making it highly likely that you were likely to catch an unpleasant illness like cholera, which many people died from.

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Fortunately, now that we have drains and water treatment plants we can relax and know that we are not being exposed to dirty water that can cause these types of illness, however, if you get a problem with your drains, one of the signs that you need to get something done about it by a professional like this CCTV drain surveys Ascot based company is if you have spotted drain flies.

Drain flies are aptly named because they are attracted to drains, and they favour dirty stagnant water. They actually look a lot like moths, and the flies themselves will not bite you or cause you any harm, it is their presence that could indicate a problem with your drainage.

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You might find drain flies coming out of plugholes in your home, this could be the sink, or the plug in the bath. Any decaying organic material in the drain, combined with the damp environment allows drain flies to flourish, so eventually you will find that they make their way out of the drain and into your home.

You also might find drain flies outside your home, around an outside drain or in your garden where the drainage pipes run. Although they are not in your home, it is still worth getting your drain pipes checked as you could have sewage leaking from a pipe, and this urgently needs to be repaired.

Likely causes of drain flies are blocked pipes that have rotting food in them, or pipes that are leaking or cracked and have then had dirty water come out of them. This means that you are at risk of contracting an illness, so it is important that if you have noticed drain flies in or around your home, that you get an expert to come and take a look for the problem.

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