What is user experience in relation to website design?

User experience (UX) is a fundamental aspect of website design, and it focuses on creating an enjoyable, efficient interaction between visitors and a website that has been designed by a professional Web Designers Ireland company. It includes the entire experience that a user has while navigating the website. Elements include how easy it is to navigate the site, the accessibility of the content, the visual design and the website functionality.

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Usability is one of the core principles of UX design. A website user should be able to easily navigate the website to find information and to perform tasks that they need to help them move along the buyer journey. This involves creating a  clear and organised navigation and placing content in easy-to-find places.

Accessibility is also incredibly important. This ensures that a site is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. It might involve having alt text placed on all images in order for text readers to access the information for those who have sight difficulties.

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The performance of a site is also important, as the speed at which the site loads helps to provide a positive experience for users. When a site loads slowly, it is more likely that users will leave the site and will look for an alternative.

Most people are now using mobile devices to navigate websites. So another important element of UX design is to ensure that your website adapts seamlessly to devices with different screen sizes.

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