Little-known alternatives to YouTube that are even better

These are six alternatives to YouTube, different pages and video applications that, in some cases, can replace YouTube or be an ideal companion both to have a laugh and to find content that may not be on the Google platform.

It is clear that, on its own merits, YouTube has almost become synonymous with Internet video. It is a platform that has overcome the envy of other video systems and that, despite all the controversy that arose a few months ago with the famous.

Many YouTube users have moved to other platforms, and that is precisely what we are going to talk about in the following lines, of the main alternatives to YouTube that, in some cases are better for content creators and in others for those who just want to consume said content.

And we start with one of the best alternatives to YouTube, especially for the quality of your video compressor and the image quality it offers.

Alternatives to YouTube that are even better


One of the best alternatives to YouTube is Dailymotion. Actually, it has been there since 2005, and little by little it becomes a very important option. Maybe because of the break that YouTube seems to be having or because the compression quality is lower, and the video quality is higher.

It is not the lightest Internet application since the videos weigh more than YouTube, but if you are content creators, you will not have to wait so long until the video is processed (it is one of YouTube’s weak points) and it is an alternative for both creators and consumers of content (and the filter is not as beast as YouTube).


It is an alternative to YouTube that specializes in short, very short videos that rarely exceed one minute. The filters are non-existent and we can watch videos of almost all types, and the best thing is that it is very simple.

That is, it is really simple both the interface and the system of recommended and new content, if you are one of those who have little time to watch videos on the subway, for example, it is a page you should visit.

Of course, to upload short videos, there are other alternatives that we will see later.


Twitch does not need a presentation, and the truth is that it has evolved as a platform in recent years. It is the quintessential platform for esports, and many content creators are moving to Twitch.

It is a very interesting application to watch streaming videos, and it also allows us to watch “ programs ” in deferred. It is very easy to use, intuitive and, in addition, it has an application so that we can stream without too many problems. It serves both to consume and to create content.

In addition, if you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription, you have Twitch Premium and you can enjoy advantages when watching videos.


We can not say that 9GAG is an alternative to YouTube, but a very interesting website if what you want is content to use on Twitter, in the form of funny memes or answers, go.

On the main page is the newest content, but we have many categories with content to “ appropriate ” to always have an original response.


Vimeo is not an alternative to YouTube, it is a compliment. It’s something … different, because it serves mostly to consume content, and the truth is that the quality of the videos is very high.

It has a premium model that allows us to access better content, but the open web is very worthwhile since there is high-quality content.


The last alternative to YouTube both to consume content and, above all, to create it is TikTok. This is an app that hit the ball a few months ago and is specialized in short videos.

Actually, it is a Chinese social network that is a mixture of Twitter and Instagram and, how could it be otherwise, is based on the video. Short videos that, above all, arouse the creativity of users.

It is clear that YouTube remains the queen in terms of consumption of content on the Internet, but we have left six alternatives of the most interesting.

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