Introducing the First Huawei Watch 4 Update: Health Glance Activity Rings More!

The first Huawei Watch 4 update introduces new activity rings for better health monitoring. These rings track physical activity levels and provide visual indicators to help users reach their fitness goals more effectively.

With enhanced features to support wellness, Huawei continues to prioritize health in this latest update. By incorporating these activity rings, users can now gain a clearer insight into their daily exercise routines and enhance their overall well-being. This update aligns Huawei with other leading tech brands in promoting a healthier lifestyle through innovative fitness tracking solutions.

Health Glance Activity Rings

Introducing the new Health Glance Activity Rings in the latest update for Huawei Watch 4. These rings help you track your daily physical activity and reach your fitness goals for a healthier lifestyle. Update your Huawei Health app now to enjoy this exciting feature.

Understanding Activity Rings on Huawei Watch 4: Benefits of Activity Rings Update:
Activity rings track daily physical activity: Visualize fitness objectives with updated rings:
Measurements: Move, Exercise, Stand: Supports leading a healthier lifestyle:
Track progress towards activity goals: Prioritize wellness and activity:
Introducing the First Huawei Watch 4 Update: Health Glance Activity Rings More!


Improving User Experience

The first Huawei Watch 4 update introduces health glance activity rings, providing users with a visual representation of their fitness goals and helping them maintain a healthier lifestyle. With improved accuracy, the activity rings track daily physical activity and encourage users to reach their targets.

Reason Behind Steps Discrepancy: Huawei Health app consolidates data from multiple devices, while watch only shows its recorded steps.
Removal from Play Store: Huawei Health app was briefly removed, but reinstated for user convenience.
Understanding Activity Rings: Three types of measurements – Move, Exercise, Stand, on Huawei watch help in achieving fitness goals.
Update Process: Users can easily update Huawei Health app by accessing it and checking for updates in the ‘Me’ section.

Wellness And Technology

Health monitoring has become increasingly important in today’s society, with individuals seeking ways to stay on top of their well-being. The integration of technology in health monitoring has provided numerous benefits, empowering individuals to take charge of their fitness and wellness.

Technological innovations have revolutionized the fitness industry, offering advanced tools and insights to help individuals track their physical activity and set achievable fitness goals. With the latest Huawei Watch 4 update, the introduction of new activity rings enhances the visualization of fitness objectives, supporting a healthier lifestyle.

Introducing the First Huawei Watch 4 Update: Health Glance Activity Rings More!


Introducing the First Huawei Watch 4 Update: Health Glance Activity Rings More!


Frequently Asked Questions For First Huawei Watch 4 Update Health Glance Activity Rings More

Why Does My Huawei Health App Show More Steps Than My Watch?

The Huawei Health app may show more steps than your watch because it merges data from both the watch and phone, while the watch only displays its own step count. This can result in differing step counts between the app and the watch.

What Happened With Huawei Health App?

The Huawei Health app has been removed from the Google Play Store.

What Are The Rings On My Huawei Watch?

The rings on your Huawei watch track your daily physical activity, showing Move, Exercise, and Stand measurements to help you reach fitness goals.

How Do I Update My Huawei Health App?

To update your Huawei Health app, open the app, tap on “Me,” and then select “Check for updates. “


The latest Huawei Watch 4 update has brought significant enhancements to the Health Glance feature and Activity Rings. These improvements align with Huawei’s dedication to prioritizing wellness and promoting an active lifestyle. With the addition of new activity rings, users can visualize their fitness objectives and work towards a healthier way of life.

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