How to Add Music to Instagram Story: Unlock the Soundtrack of Your Stories!

To add music to an Instagram Story, open the app, select Story, and then the Music icon from the Sticker options. Enhance your storytelling by incorporating music that reflects your style and mood.

Adding music to your Instagram Story can make it more engaging and captivating for your audience. Using this feature allows you to personalize your content and connect with your followers on a deeper level. Follow these simple steps to elevate your storytelling and create more dynamic and interactive Instagram Stories.

Using Instagram’s Built-in Music Library

Using Instagram’s Built-in Music Library
Accessing the Music Library Selecting and Editing Music Adding Original Audio

In Instagram Stories, you can enhance your posts by adding music. When creating a Story, tap on the music icon to access Instagram’s Music Library. Browse through a wide selection of tracks to choose from for your Story.

Selecting the perfect track is essential. You can preview different songs and edit the segment you want to include in your Story. Customize the audio to suit the mood of your post.

Additionally, you have the option to add original audio to your Instagram Story. By tapping on the relevant icon, you can record your voice or any other original sound to make your Story more personalized.

Incorporating External Music

To add music to your Instagram Story, click on the Addition icon and select Story. Once you’ve added the photo, click on the Sticker icon and select the Music icon to choose a song. Swipe to the Music option under the record button and search for a song, select the part you want, and record.

It’s a great way to enhance your Instagram Stories and engage your audience.

Incorporating External Music
Using Third-Party Music Apps
Adding Custom Audio Tracks
To add music to your Instagram Story, consider using third-party music apps to enhance your Story content. These apps offer a wide selection of songs that you can choose from to create engaging and unique Stories. Additionally, you can add custom audio tracks to further personalize your Stories and make them stand out. By incorporating external music into your Instagram Stories, you can make them more dynamic and appealing to your audience. Experiment with different music options to find the perfect soundtrack for your Stories and make them more memorable for your viewers.

Workarounds For Adding Music

How to Add Music to Instagram Story can be a bit tricky due to limitations, but there are workarounds available. One alternative method for including music in your Instagram Story is using the music sticker feature. You can also add music to your Instagram Story using third-party apps, overcoming the limitations set by Instagram. Another option is to add your original audio to the story, giving you more flexibility in the music you use. Additionally, adding music to Instagram profile can enhance your overall profile. Implementing these alternative methods can help you add music to your Instagram Story and make your posts more engaging.

Enhancing Instagram Stories With Music

Utilizing music in your Instagram Stories can be a great way to boost engagement and make your content more appealing to your audience. When it comes to selecting the perfect soundtrack for your story, there are a few best practices to keep in mind.

  • Choose music that complements the mood and theme of your story. This will enhance the overall experience for your viewers.
  • Consider the length of your story and select a song that fits within the time constraints. You don’t want your music to abruptly cut off or drag on after your story ends.
  • Ensure that the volume of the music is balanced with any dialogue or other audio in your story. You want your viewers to be able to hear and understand everything clearly.
  • Use the music sticker or a licensed music app to add the soundtrack to your story. Avoid adding music to your story in a way that violates copyright laws.

By following these best practices for soundtrack selection, you can enhance your Instagram Stories and captivate your audience with a well-curated musical experience.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Add Music To Instagram Story

Why Is There No Add Music Option On My Instagram Post?

To enable the music option, update your Instagram app. If the feature isn’t available, wait for its full rollout. Keep an eye on Instagram’s official article for updates.

How Do You Get More Music On Instagram?

To get more music on Instagram, add songs to your stories using the music sticker feature or a music app.

How Do You Add Original Audio To Instagram Stories?

To add original audio to Instagram stories, tap the Sticker icon, choose the Music icon, and select a song.

How Do You Add Music To Instagram Profile?

To add music to your Instagram profile, go to the “Addition” icon in the center and select Story. Then click on the Sticker icon (smiley face) and select the Music icon to add music to your story. Make sure your Instagram app is updated to the newest version.


Incorporating music into your Instagram Stories can significantly enhance engagement and make your content more appealing. By leveraging Instagram’s music feature, you can effectively express your creativity and connect with your audience on a deeper level. With a plethora of options available, adding music to your Stories has never been easier.

Elevate your Instagram presence and captivate your followers with captivating music-infused Stories.

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