What is google play services for instant apps?

What is google play services for instant apps?

Google Play Instant is a new way to test Android apps or games without having to download it or buy it first. That’s what is google play services for instant apps offer you.

It is a new feature that Google announced on its blog on March 19, 2018.

Mobile phones are, increasingly, the most popular “portable console” for games. And in Google and Android they have realized that.

In fact, according to their calculations, from last year the number of users who installed a game on their mobile phone doubled this year.

With Google Play Instant, they want to encourage even more this playful use, so that waiting and travel will make you more fun.

So, now you can try your apps or games before buying and installing, without the need for long downloads or to occupy valuable space for something you do not like later on.

And if you convince what you test, then you can install it as always.

As you can see, it’s a great idea, so we’ll try to explain in this article that what is google play services for instant apps and everything you can do with Google Play Instant.

Google Play Instant! You can try an app without downloading it!

Surely more than once you’ve had this situation: you’re in the Google Play Store looking for an application that you need to download but you are confused. Among many and many applications that exist in this market you do not know which one to choose. But your instinct guides you and through the opinions of users, screenshots and even your representative icon you end up deciding for one or several of them.

Apparently fulfills all the functions that you expect and are already licking your lips thinking about everything that will help you and solve this application’s life. You are ready to download the application, the second seems not to happen, and you are desiring to use it already. Finally, it’s already downloaded! You start it quickly and your face is stunned. But what is this? This has nothing to do with what I thought! To the trash!

Another application that seemed to make a hole in your mobile and has not lasted in more than a few minutes.

Would not you have liked to be able to try it before installing it on your phone? That’s what is google play services for instant apps offer you!


Well, yes, as you are reading it seems that Google has put the batteries and offers this solution within the reach of all users.

Through this new feature you will be able to try an application on your Android device before deciding to try it.

In order to perform this task, this new function has been developed in such a way that it consumes the minimum resources. For this, the applications are launched or executed through web links.

It is estimated that this function can be used by some 500 million devices, so it is very possible that your device is within this list (much bad luck you have to have so that it is not).

How to configure my device to use Google Instant Apps?

You already got an idea now what is google play services for instant apps and you want try now. So let’s configure your device.

First click on the Settings option of your Android phone and locate the Settings of your Google account:

Once inside the Google settings, locate the option of Instant Applications and check if you want to use them.

Once you have followed these steps you can now make use of the instant applications. For this, when you are browsing the internet and see links to these applications you can try them before you have to download them.

If you want to try this function there are some applications such as: Vimeo, Wish, Periscope, Dotloop, Jet, Hotpads, etc. … which by searching from Google you can find links that will run this APP to see if it is worth downloading.

How to know if your device support Instant Apps service?

For starters, instant apps are currently available only on models that have the version of Android 6.0 or higher installed. So, if you’re not up to date, you’re not in luck.

And if you have it, it is possible that your mobile is not yet on the list of those who can use them. To know, go to your mobile settings, go down to the accounts section and click on the Google section.

Go down and under “Connected apps” you will see “Instant apps”. If you do not see the option, your phone still cannot use them.

If you tap on “Instant Applications” you will enter a screen where there is the option to Activate them. By checking that “Yes” you will see the terms and conditions of use that nobody reads and you will click on “Yes, I accept”.

Once that is done, a message will appear saying “The instant applications you use will be displayed here,” as shown below.

Now you’re ready, so what are you doing?

How to check that we have activated instant apps?

Very simple: we go to Google Play and look for an app. For example, we can try with Wish, although they could also be others (the app must have been adapted, and not all are).

When you enter, you can see the apps you have available in Instant format, so you can try them before deciding if you install them.

As you can see, the collection is still small. However, Google is encouraging developers to create more titles for Google Play Instant.

Of course, you have great hits like the legendary Clash Royale, the Words with Friends 2 if you like more calm games, or the Final Fantasy XV among others.

You will get to a screen that is very similar to the usual installation screen. However, you will see that, to the left of the “Install” button, a new one appears: “Try now”.

If you click there you will see that the load starts as an instant application. That is, it is not installing everything, but only accessing what is necessary to start playing.

Remember that it is a trial, not the complete game, which will make it load quickly and take up hardly any space.

Once loaded, the demo of the game will be executed and you will be able to start playing as if you had installed it in the traditional way.

Google Play Instant intends that in the future you can not only test games before installing them, but also all kinds of applications. Therefore, it is expected that, soon, this test mode without installation will be extended to office apps, music and others.

In short, if you still have question in mind that what is google play services for instant apps, then keep in mind that Google Play Instant wants to further improve the app store. Test without risk, do not occupy space and be fast, three things that will delight the users.

How to delete the Google Instant Apps

While they are made to consume less space and resources, you may want to completely erase the instant apps.

To do this, go back to the settings screen in Settings> Google> Instant apps.

Now you will see the instant apps that you have “installed”. You can click on them and choose the option “Delete application data” to leave no trace.

The Google Instant apps are the future, they will change the way of using the mobile and the applications.

What if Google Play instant apps and games don’t work?

When the “Try Now” button is missing in the Play Store, first check these things …

Step 1: Make sure the game supports Android instant apps

If the “Try Now” option is not listed next to the “Install” button on the app’s Play Store page, the first thing you want to ask yourself is if the game even has

At the moment, only a limited number of developers have created versions of instant apps for their games and can be played in the Google Play Store.

As for the non-games, you have more options to try them since the more normal apps support instant apps since they’ve been out for years now.

Step 2. Verify that you are running Android 6.0 or later

Android instant apps are supported on Android devices running Android 6.0 and above.

  • Additional information: How to know which Android version has been installed

Step 3: Verify that the instant apps are enabled

Next, you’ll want to make sure that the Android instant apps are enabled.

Open your settings, then tap “Google” Touch “Instant Apps” from the list of Services options, then select the Google account you want to use for instant apps.


In the end, you were here with a question in mind “what is google play services for instant apps?”: and maybe we have clear your doubts about Google Instant Apps.

Google launched full support for instant apps in February 2017, and now ensures that more than 500 million devices have access to them, but the problem is that you must enable them first. On the other hand, this function is activated by default in Android 8.0 Oreo.

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