The Opera browser offers you the best on the internet

The Opera browser offers you the best on the internet

The Opera browser has been around since the dawn of the internet. He has always pushed Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to renew themselves and continually improve their performances. In its current version – the 53rd – Opera continues to offer speed, security and reliability. It is developing some fantastic features that you will not find in any other browser. Let’s take a look at some of these unique features that you can use by downloading Opera for free today.

One of Opera’s key innovations is the non-invasive sidebar that allows you to have the World Wide Web at your fingertips now more than ever. The sidebar does not hinder the view, rather offers with a quick click access to the classic browser features such as favorites, downloads, settings and more. In the latest version of Opera, the sidebar is implemented as an extra bonus that you will not find anywhere else. Complete web versions of Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp.

The clean interface offered by the sidebar becomes the perfect place to host your chats and private messages. Opera has done a really good job by inserting your conversations in progress right here, allowing you to access quickly without losing them in the various open tabs.

The features provided by the two messaging services include the ability to highlight important chats, activate notifications when you receive messages, and the ability to remove the audio to conversations or simply abandon them.

Opera browser

Integration with Messenger and WhatsApp makes it easier than ever to keep in touch with your friends while you’re surfing the Internet. It also allows you to view and reply to messages without interfering in the least with what you are doing on the Internet.

Opera is very innovative when it comes to accessibility. Starting from the development of a mobile-compatible web browser that can be easily used with one hand until the introduction of the sidebar on the desktop, Opera is always looking for ways to make your internet activities easier. In this vein, Opera has introduced a couple of quick access short codes, so comfortable to ask you why they are not present on other browsers.

Simply pressing ALT + Space will simultaneously display the Opera instant search form. From here you can search without having to navigate to another page. Take a look at your keyboard for a second. Alt + Space are two keys nearby and could not be easier than pressing them at the same time. Considering how much research we do on the internet today, being able to do it quickly without having to use a mouse makes life a lot easier.

There is also another option once the search form is open. Just press CTRL and SPAZIO, or TAB from the search form to scroll between searches and open tabs. The interesting thing is that you can search through your listings using the search terms. If you are looking for a trip, but you are also reading an online magazine, for example, simply press ALT + Space to open the search form, type the word “trip”, then press CTRL + Space to search through your tabs instead of on the Internet.

Is there anything else that deserves some of your attention?

In addition to everything we’ve already seen, the Opera browser comes with many other features. Key features include default ad blocking, an integrated VPN for traffic encryption, a snapshot tool to quickly capture customizable screens from web pages and a foreign currency converter.

There is really too much to say. To get all the latest news on what we have presented to you and to get to know the rest of Opera’s fantastic features, you should download the browser today. It’s completely free, so it will not cost you a penny and we believe it will revolutionize the way you surf the Internet.

Download Opera now for easier access to the Internet and much more.

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