The impact of technology to improve our daily life

The impact of technology to improve our daily life

At present, we see how the impact of technology can facilitate our day to day activities with some great technology solutions that we use every day.

Can you recall the film Return to the future II, premiered in 1989? Marty Mc Fly and Doc Brown travel until the then-distant year 2015. In that film, there is a future in which there are no roads and the favorite means of transport for young people is the skateboard.

The impact of technology in today’s life

impact of technology

As we know, at present, cars still do not fly as it is reflected in the film, although there are some ideas that do work in our daily life. One of them is the call through videoconferences, because thanks to instant messaging systems such as WhatsApp or Skype, this can be put into practice.

Another success of the film is the existence of 3D cinema, as is the existence of glasses that allow answering the phone. One of the daughters of Marty McFly wears expensive glasses that can be assimilated to the current Google Glass.

The successes and errors of the film in terms of technology incorporation show that, although not everything has been successful, people tend to believe that in the future technology can be used to make life more comfortable.

The best example of this impact of technology is smartphones. We no longer have a device with which to make phone calls, but we carry a small computer in our hand with which to perform all kinds of actions.

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and this is providing many solutions to small problems of our daily lives.

From processes related to computers to more mundane things such as cleaning the house, improving our aesthetic appearance or changing our mobility, there are devices full of functions that aim to make our lives more comfortable.

Robots vacuum cleaner

Cleaning the floor is one of the most tedious tasks in the home. Whether sweeping, using a mop or with a vacuum cleaner, many people hate having to clean the floor. Impact of technology is a great ally of the human being, with the invention of the robot vacuum cleaner we can be quietly at home reading or watching a movie while a small device is cleaning the floor collecting the remains and dust.

These robot vacuum cleaners have a cylindrical shape and are more and more evolved, to the point that many of them are complete cleaners, polishing and polishing the floor if necessary. They work on all types of surfaces and, in the case of most of these models; manufacturers have powerful repair equipment and customer service on the Internet to consult all kinds of questions.

Electric scooters

While it is true that in the 2015 Back to the Future II the favorite vehicle of young people were the airplanes and still this is not a real one. No one doubts the Impact of technology and the success that electric scooters are currently acquiring.

Electric scooters are becoming a problem for many cities because it is not yet clear where these vehicles must circulate: road, bike lanes, sidewalks…

Many companies are taking advantage of technology to use these electric scooters and other electric vehicles as unicycles or segways, either to promote tourism in cities or to create transport networks, so that vehicles can be rented.

There is no doubt that the nearest future passes through the electric scooter and other similar vehicles, especially in urban spaces. Virtually all technology companies are at the forefront of the construction of this type of vehicle, and one of them is Xiaomi. The Mijia 365 is the best-selling Xiaomi scooter and is an ideal model for urban environments and not too long journeys.

Impact of technology and beauty

Mobility and cleanliness are two disciplines in which technology has entered with force, as is beauty, the aesthetic aspect. From electric hair clippers to epilators to hair straighteners, we all have small appliances at home that help us look more beautiful.

The objective is, as we have been commenting, to make our day to day more comfortable and to save time and travel. We achieve this, for example, with a laser epilator. If we can practice laser hair removal at home we avoid having to visit a beauty center.

Laser hair removal has left a powerful competitor who wins positions because it is much cheaper. We talk about pulsed light hair removal. With the light pulsed, the light treatment is polychromatic, in various colors. It moves by different wavelengths and the same device can be used for different types of hair.

Now you see the impact of technology in the beauty section. There are many models, but for many experts, the best-pulsed light epilator is the Remington ipl6780 i-light. Remington is a firm specialized in this type of products. If we talk specifically about this model, it has 150,000 shots of light, which ensures a very long life, guarantees good results and can be used by both men and women.

The virtual assistants

Siri, Google Now, Alexa, Bixby … are the names of the main virtual assistants of the market. All of them are associated with technology-based companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon or Samsung.

These assistants aim to help the users of electronic devices with tasks, and with them, we can talk, call different contacts, send and receive text messages, consult information, obtain the weather forecast, perform mathematical operations, organize the calendar.

The Impact of technology in virtual assistants can be configured to perform all kinds of tasks and help the user in common dedications so that with this help save time and can dedicate it to more productive or interesting occupations.

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