The impact of technology on society

The impact of technology on society

The world is changing faster and faster as a result of accelerated technological development. The impact of technology on society is huge. Every day, companies around the world invest heavily in innovation with the aim of creating answers to the needs of the market. New technologies are part of this process, but it is important to emphasize that, rather than opening up different business opportunities, they provide a real revolution in society, enabling previously unthinkable actions and improving people’s quality of life.

In order to have proof of this phenomenon, it is enough to observe social behavior, the instruments of work, the means of communication and learning. All are different from what they were a few years ago and part of it is the result of this technological development. With the advent and popularization of the internet, for example, access to a multitude of content on a wide variety of topics was facilitated, providing greater independence in the search for information.

impact of technology on society

The importance and impact of technology on society

The benefits that the new technologies generate are numerous and extend to each of the social sectors, from the business to the health. To illustrate better, think about the Paralympic competitions. Athletes with different disabilities can achieve a normal life, play sports and participate in major competitions, even achieving results compared to those of an athlete without special needs.

This is the case of the German Markus Rehm, whose leg was amputated in adolescence after a boat accident. In 2015, he achieved the 8.40 m mark on the distance jump using a carbon fiber prosthesis. The good news is that this technology is not restricted only to sportsmen, because there are types of prosthesis adapted to the lifestyle of each person. Thus she can walk, jump and run normally, performing more and more precise movements. And most importantly: participate again in social activities.

With regard to education, we can take up the importance of the internet for access to knowledge. When you think of classrooms, it can be a good ally. In this way, educators are increasingly developing teaching strategies with applications or software for extracurricular activities, making learning more dynamic and fun. Tablets and smartphones are devices that have also facilitated distance learning through e-learning, breaking the old geographical barriers to access to education.

Today one of the major impact of technology on society highlights is communication technologies. They have revolutionized the exchange of information between people, directly impacting their behavior on personal and professional aspects. Contact is faster, easier and more accessible, so meeting with participants in different cities, for example, is not one more problem. Everything can be done instantly and in a few clicks.

In addition, by focusing more on business lines, business management is increasingly simplified and easy to understand. The development of cloud-hosted software, for example, allows you to store and manage important data, helping managers to have more control over what happens in your enterprise.

impact of technology on society

Innovation is the answer to developing new technologies

These are just a few examples of how new technologies help people’s quality of life. But do you know what should be done to develop them? The answer to this question is: investing in innovation. That’s why companies are working on the search for creative solutions to improve their products and services or even perceive new possibilities to meet the needs that have not yet been met in the market.

Innovation means giving practical use to new ideas and making them feasible for commercial use. It is in the midst of this process that new technologies emerge and, as a consequence, the difficulties and problems typical of a particular moment are overcome with a revolutionary resource. Thus, creativity is the fuel for generating new ideas. And what will be the impact of technology on society? Innovation and technological development will drive through new ideas.

impact of technology on society


And remember: It is important that your company knows your inner context (your own reality) and external (the society in which it is embedded). This knowledge is obtained from studies and research carried out by specialized professionals and gives the necessary baggage to develop the correct solutions and present them to the market, positively impacting society.

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