Six best solar chargers for phones and tablets

Six best solar chargers for phones and tablets

Even the highest capacity power banks end up running out, and then you’ll be stuck until you reach the network power.

Even if we haven’t achieved a level of solar-to-electric conversion efficiency that can make us use the power grid, these solar chargers should take you through those dreaded critical battery moments, so you can …

RAVPower solar panel 24W solar charger

If the convenience of charging your phone simply through daylight is not enough to influence you, the RAVPower 24W solar panel is also half the weight of similar chargers, useful for backpacking, day trips or camping.

UK buyers can ship it from Amazon US.

An intelligent feature is the iSmart technology, which can automatically detect the best charging currents for the device that connects to the charge.

Keep in mind that this charger is powered exclusively by solar energy and cannot store converted energy for the future, unlike the solar power supply banks mentioned in this article.

Floureon 10000 mAh Waterproof Solar Power Bank

The Floureon solar charger is a portable battery charger capable of storing up to 10,000 mAh of additional autonomy for your phone or tablet … or both!

The water resistant Floureon energy bank is designed for outdoor living, with built-in torch and torch.

Floureon recommends, as with other solar battery packs here, that solar charging is only used for emergencies as it is slower than direct charging.

Anker PowerPort solar charger

Anker PowerPort 21W boasts PowerIQ technology, which detects the highest charging speed for your device and offers up to 2.4 amps per port or 3 amps in direct sunlight.

Foldable, portable and durable, this lightweight charger (weighing less than 1 lb) is made of polymer and solar panels made of PET, making it suitable for outdoor use.

In case of problems, Anker offers an 18-month guarantee.

AUKEY Solar Power Bank 12000 mAh

The AUKEY Solar Power Bank offers a storage capacity of 12000 mAh, which is enough to charge an iPhone 7 Plus two and a half times.

In terms of churning solar energy into electricity, this bank offers a conversion rate of 23.5 percent, so if you only use daylight to recharge the device, it may take some time.

AUKEY also offers a 24-month warranty on their products.

The American version of this solar charger is slightly different, as it also has a built-in lighter and a 3-level torch adjustment.

Bernet solar battery charger 24000 mAh

With a huge capacity of 24000 mAh, this solar charger can charge an iPhone 6 nine times and a Galaxy S6 7 times.

Like some other shippers on this list, it is recommended to use solar energy in an emergency, just because this process takes longer.

In addition to an 18-month warranty, you also have a Micro USB cable and a powerful USB fan (which you could use even if you’re not charging your device in the sun).

Olebr Solar Charger Power Bank 24000 mAh

This Olebr solar power bank has a terrific 24000 mAh of power, making it ideal for squeezing out exhausted tablets and energy-intensive smart phones.

Like the Bernet solar chargers, the Olebr also has 3 USB charging ports that provide 2A output.

It is not available in the United States, although US buyers can find a similar solar energy bank from Allsolar for $ 39.88 on Amazon.

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