Video games to not sleep: The best psychological horror games

Video games to not sleep: The best psychological horror games

Horror games are increasingly popular among players around the world. These provide, in addition to hours of entertainment, a unique feeling that not many are capable of supporting. The tension that exists in each mission and the fear of being scared at any moment are the things that stand out the most about this type of game, however, we can make this much more intense if we focus on a specific style of this genre.

Psychological horror games change the perception of the players to be able to manipulate their minds and thus take them to a world full of terror. It makes the feeling of fear much more intense and that players can live a totally unique experience. At the end of this year, we will be able to discover a new game of this style with the arrival of The Medium, however, we do not know if it will be at the height of the most popular within this subgenre. The collection of psychological horror games is very wide, however, there are some that can be considered the best.

The best psychological horror games

Amnesiapsychological horror games

This title is one of these games that you cannot easily forget. Amnesia is a psychological horror game developed by Frictional Games, it plays with the minds of its players and makes them feel vulnerable to the creatures that we can find there.

Silent Hills PTpsychological horror games

In its day, a preview of what would be the new chapter of the popular game Silent Hill was released, but it was finally canceled. This psychological horror game was going to be released under the name of Silent Hills and there were many players who looked forward to it as a relevant person like Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro worked on it.

Forbidden Sirenpsychological horror games

This video game based on Japanese mythology has managed to terrorize thousands of people around the world. Within Japanese history, there are all kinds of strange and terrifying beings that are used in Forbidden Siren to make the players feel the real terror.

Project Zeropsychological horror games

This psychological horror title based on Japanese mythology stands out for having a game style that most titles that we can find in the horror genre. In Project Zero, players must photograph ghosts so they need to go into dark rooms and after which they will discover the most terrifying mysteries that occurred in that place.

Condemnedpsychological horror games

Not many remember the Condemned game, however, it is one of the worst that has put players through. Unlike most horror games, this one does not show strange creatures. But begins with the investigation of a murder that turns into something of the most terrifying.

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