Why are there so many people using password 123456?

Why are there so many people using password 123456?

A survey by the National Cybersecurity Center reveals the password 123456 is the most pirated and most exposed to hacking. Why are there so many people using 123456 numbers as their password?

If you are one of those who uses “123456” as a password, you are part of the group most vulnerable to computer hacking. And according to a report prepared by the National Center for Cybersecurity (NCSC), this is the password that has been hacked most times.

Why people using password 123456?

The NCSC study, the first cyber survey in the United Kingdom was conducted prior to the CYBERUK 2019 conference in Glasgow this week. The results of the survey include a list of the 100,000 most common passwords in the accounts that have been pirated.

The list of passwords has been compiled in collaboration with the creators of Have I Been Pawned, an online tool for people to discover if their information has been included in any of the important data leaks.

In this list, the password 123456 is the most common, since it has been pirated 23.2 million times. Other commonly used options include names of soccer teams, people, musical groups and movie characters. The names “Ashley”, “Liverpool”, “Superman”, “Michael”, “Metallica” or “Pokemon” also appear in the list, as well as “123456789”, “qwerty” or even the word “password”.

Although more and more websites and platforms require passwords that include capital letters, numbers and special characters, there are still many services that allow unsafe passwords like this list.

The reason why so many people use these codes is in most cases they are passwords created a long time ago and that the system has not forced to update.

The most worrisome of the situation is sensitive passwords like “password 123456” on this list have not only been used for personal computers and profiles but have also served to presumably protect access to confidential information.

 password 123456

Avoid the violation of our password

Using the same password for all our profiles and accounts is an important risk that can be avoided. In this sense, the experts advise above all that nobody protects your confidential data with a password that can be guessed, like your first name, the birthday date, the local football team or your favorite group.

“We understand that cybersecurity can be daunting for many people, but NCSC has published many easily applicable tips to make your profiles less vulnerable,” explains NCSC Technical Director Ian Levy in a statement to Gizmodo. Levy recommends that to create a password, it is ideal to use three random words that we can remember.

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