Never have, and I ever game

Never have, and I ever game

Are you planning for a get-together game? Never worry about the game to play during the party. Never have, and I ever game can be interesting for your play. The game is cool. It is not only for children but also for the adults. We can do an adult version of the game. You may have played the game in your teenager-hood. You and your friend keep on answering tricky and embarrassing questions concerning your lives. Let’s refresh our memory on the game.

How to play the game?

The game can be for best friends, relatives, or strangers. You play it to know someone better. This game can help you know you, people, you are playing with better. You let all the participants make a circle. Within the loop, choose someone to start the game. He/she will begin with a question the first simple question. Simple questions allow the participants to relax. As time goes, keep on complexing the questions. The first question can be: I have never attended a blind date. Participants will divide into two groups. A group that has once participated at a blind date versus the one which never has.

There are five basic approaches to playing the game. They include ten fingers, classic, gross food game, tripping game, and drinking game.

Classic (Keeping score)

Classic is the simplest version of the game. One person stands at the center of the circles and poses a challenge. For instance, he/she may give out a question like: I have never washed my cloth at night. He /she will go ahead and ask participants to be sincere and tell the truth.

Participants who have a definite answer to your challenge get the point each. You ask them to narrate a short dangerous or funny story about the question. The game rationale is to have as many weird and exciting stories as possible.

Ten fingers

The game version is nearly similar to the classic. The difference is that in this version, you play using fingers. All the participants start with all the ten fingers. They shall be folding each hand finger according to the statements they have once been part of. Running short of the fingers, I will be an indication of defeat.

Drinking game

The drinking game is not very different from the class. However, it is all about drinking. The participant takes the drink. Begin with the simple questions. As the alcohol takes effect, complex the problems. Make them more provocative and exciting.

The first person starts with a statement: never have I ever. The participant who gives a positive response takes a sip of the drink.

There is no winner for the game. Only that some will have a chance to drink more, where more than three people respond to the challenge question with a definite answer, they will have to tell a story.

In case the person posing the challenge question may be the only one who has a negative response to the subject. Such people are allowed to take the drink as well.

The game ends when people become drunker. That is when they shamelessly start asking silly questions.

Gross food game

In this game, you have to eat something gross instead of drinking. The game is for an individual with a tolerant stomach. If you can’t handle yucky, staffs and smell keep off.

You bring all the food before the participant. The participants are allowed to understand the food they are going to deal with. After the first question, you all take the food. You can never proceed before everyone takes the food.

Striping game

Stripping is not a game to play with a relative or a family member. It is interesting, though. You start it simple, but all over goes dirty. For every challenge question, you take off an item of your cloth.

You lose the game when you are completely naked.

Now you have something to make you happy during your get together party. The game is not for kids alone. You can borrow a leaf from the five approaches and enjoy yourselves.

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