Motorola One: Motorola will not disappoint its buyers

Motorola One: Motorola will not disappoint its buyers

Even Motorola has its notch. With a clear deviation from the aesthetic styles that up until now have characterized the range of smartphones, the Chinese manufacturer presents Motorola One. The name makes no secret of the presence on board of Android in stock version, for perfect compatibility with the Android One program which ensures the user the upgrade to two major releases of the operating system and three years of security patches.

Motorola One, which was born with Android 8.1 Oreo, will therefore receive the update to Android 9 Pie and version 10, today still lacking an official name and those dedicated to security released on a monthly basis by Google. In this way you will have the certainty of having the most recent version of the software environment made available by the Mountain View Company available for a good period of time.

The price to pay, if we can say so, is that those customization in the user interface that can facilitate their use are missing. However, Motorola was able to enter its own Moto Action, gestures that simplify the use of some more frequent features such as activation of the torch or camera. For those wishing to customize the user interface, there is only the embarrassment of choice, given the large amount of dedicated applications to download from Google Play.

Motorola One: Space for the mid-class

The Motorola One is a very difficult arena in which to operate, given that consumers demand not only performance without hesitation in any area of use – in the entry level it is easier to turn a blind eye to slowdowns or to not really perfect cameras – but also materials and high quality assembly. And in this the Motorola One will not disappoint its buyers.

First of all for the shapes: although moving away from the family design of the most recent Motorola production – we are therefore talking about the Moto G6 series – they are pleasant and modern. In this the presence of the notch, above all with access display, contributes to a more than positive aesthetic impact, as does the form factor of the 19:9 display which gives the model a boost.

Finally, add the elegant black color (but it is also available in white), the body with metal frame and Gorilla Glass, both for the front and the back, and the fingerprint reader on the back disguised in the Motorola logo. There is no doubt: attention has been paid to the realization of this model. In the package the user will also find a transparent silicone cover to protect one from bumps and scratches. Among other things, the cover also protects the lenses of the camera which, in its absence, protrude about 1 millimeter from the body. Absent the earphones instead. Not bad because those usually present in the sales boxes do not offer high sound quality, if not in this price range. You can use any headset or headset with a 3.5mm stereo audio jack.

Motorola One

Motorola One: The hardware

So we come to the hardware features. Let’s start from the CPU, a 2 GHz Snadpragon 625 octa core, together with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage (11.3 of which occupied by Oreo). The user has the possibility to expand the memory via microSD cards up to 256 GB of capacity, without however renouncing the second SIM card, as often happens in other dual SIM models. The HD + resolution of the display helps not to over-strain the graphics chip. The user interface remains fluid, as do most games and multimedia applications. We would have preferred a higher resolution, Full HD as adopted by other models in this price range, but it must be acknowledged that the readability of this IPS panel named by the manufacturer “Max Vision” always remains on excellent levels. The density offered is 287 points per inch (ppi).

The dual rear camera offers a 13 + 2 Megapixel configuration. The second sensor allows effects such as blurred backgrounds in portraits and selective focus. Google Lens is not missing, thanks to artificial intelligence, it allows the recognition of the objects, places and monuments framed, although at the moment this technology does not yet seem able to express its full potential. The front camera instead adopts an 8 Megapixel sensor to return selfies with a good degree of detail.

On the audio front, to signal the presence of a monophonic speaker on the right of the lower profile of the Motorola One (the second grid is to protect the microphone), the Dolby Audio technology and a stereo FM radio tuner. To allow the reduction of background noise during calls and thus contribute to clear conversations, there is a second microphone on the head of the smartphone.

In short, from whichever way you look at it, Motorola One appears as a model with balanced hardware features with the plus of adherence to the Android One program that guarantees longevity also for the software profile. If this is not a secondary aspect for you, we advise you to take this model into consideration.

Packaging, design and construction quality

It is among the strengths of the model. The user will undoubtedly appreciate the presence of the body with the back in Gorilla Glass. The metal frame increases the feeling of solidity of the Motorola One, which is solid, well assembled and with a modern and pleasant design. Some might turn up their noses at the slightly protruding targets but now they are in so many models.


Ambivalent evaluation for this 5.9-inch display with a resolution of 720 × 1,520 pixels. The IPS panel used offers good brightness and contrast. Readability is always satisfactory. In contrast, the notch is quite wide, which limits the display of notifications. Moreover in this price range many models offer a Full HD + panel, instead of the HD + used here. This could penalize the Motorola One.

Motorola One


13 Megapixels of decent quality those aboard the Motorola One. The shots show a satisfactory detail rendering in the photos taken in contexts of optimal brightness, while, as often happens, when the light falls, the detail tends to decrease. On the video front, recordings in the maximum 4K format at 30 frames are allowed. The Full HD reaches up to 60 frames per second. Stabilization is electronic.

Audio and reception

Good performance from this point of view. Both for the yield of the ear capsule and for the monophonic speaker, which offers a good output volume and a balanced reproduction in terms of frequency ranges with the highlighted averages. Appreciable the choice of maintaining the 3.5 mm audio jack, even if the package is missing the earphones. Complete the audio section the presence of the stereo FM radio.


As for the autonomy, the 3000 mAh battery allows you to arrive at night. In addition, it supports TurboPower technology which, in combination with the 15 Watt USB Type C battery charge contained in the sales box, allows up to 8 hours of battery life with a short partial recharge of 20 minutes.


The Snapdragon 625 is a CPU octa core not just recent but that still offers satisfactory performance (AnTuTu has recorded just over 80 thousand points of result) in daily use. The 4 GB of RAM allows fluid multitasking and the amount of memory is abundant. Even the games with 3D graphics (thanks to the display with not very high resolution) are performed smoothly.


  • Android One guarantees constant updates over time
  • Quality materials and good design
  • By inserting two SIMs, the possibility of installing a microSD is maintained


  • We would have preferred a display with Full HD resolution
  • The notch limits the viewing of notifications
  • In the package there is a protective cover but there are no earphones

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