How to set up a mobile phone for seniors

How to set up a mobile phone for seniors

Using today’s mobile phone for seniors is not an easy option when it comes to meet technological functions. So they always feel shy to grab one of this technological advanced mobile phone. Mobile companies are recognizing this problem and realize they are also a part of their consumers and can use it like everyone else. We must think about the fact that there are older people who find it difficult to use their mobile phones, especially when we talking about the elderly.

Set up mobile phone for seniors

Some people do not know how to open the camera, send a message or even make a call. What can we do to help our elders with their cell phones? There are many ways to facilitate the use of these devices. All that is needed is a bit of patience to be able to configure the mobile for the elderly, so that they can make use of the functions of the terminal in a simple way, without loss.

In recent years, a sector has been forming in telephony dedicated specifically to the longest-lived public. However, these terminals are usually very elementary, with poor performance. If you want to have a superior performance can complicate things regarding its use. Therefore, it is important to make an adequate configuration.

Activate the “simple” mode of the mobile (if it has one)

Some devices can be saved from making a configuration that can take a long time for some people to perform. And there are terminals that in their own customization layer have easy mode, a simple way that simplifies the entire device.

There are several manufacturers that integrate this type of configuration to their devices. Among these manufacturers you can find Samsung, LG, HTC and others, although they are a minority. How to activate the simple mode of mobile phone for seniors? In order to enable this feature on the device, you only have to go to Settings and there locate a personal section. In it, you can find Easy Mode, as long as it is available. After that go in the configuration menu and you can choose which applications appear on the main screen of the device, you can limit the use of the device to something as simple as unlocking the mobile and use the essential apps for the user.

Accessibility and visual improvements

Vision problems are the daily bread for many of the elderly. Either by age wear or other causes, the sight can suffer a lot in a normal mobile, as well as these will hinder its use especially by a very small size of the letters. And not only the letters but all the elements of the device.

Increasing the size of the font (or letter) is an essential step for the vast majority of these configurations. To do it all you have to do is access the device settings and modify the accessibility options on the device. All you have to do is go to Settings> Accessibility> Font size. In this section you can modify the font size in the mobile phone for seniors. You have to choose one that is easy to read. To be able to configure it correctly, help yourself with who will use the device, so that you can choose the ideal size to read the text on the device.

mobile phone for seniors

Set sounds and vibrations

Both acoustic and tactile signals are important for older people, and there are times when we do not know if something is really happening in the device. Setting sounds and vibrations correctly is essential.

Access the device settings and go to the Sound section. Depending on the brand of the smartphone device, these settings can have one name or another, but can generally be easily recognized. Once inside the section, it is enough to raise sound levels practically to the maximum, both for multimedia content and for notifications and alarms.

Also in the Sound section you have to enable the vibration. This will have to be activated both for the touch functions of the device (when pressing the keys) and for calls and alarms. In this way it is much easier for people to recognize that something is happening in the terminal, so they can attend to it when necessary.

Useful applications to adapt a mobile phone for seniors

The personalization of the device does not only happen to configure certain parameters of the operating system. There are many useful applications to complete this configuration of the terminal for the elderly who will facilitate the visualization of elements and will eliminate from the screen others that are less useful.


In the event that the device you are trying to configure does not have a simple integrated mode, you can always go to an application launcher that has the objective of simplifying the terminal. Wiser is a launcher that has precisely that objective.

This application launcher replaces the one that currently has the device to offer the user large icons and a very simple screen. Thanks to it, the use of the terminal can be greatly facilitated. All you have to do is install the application, enable it and choose which applications appear on the home screen. After that little changed in mobile phone for seniors, they will enjoy the device.

Big Buttons Standard Keyboard

Not only useful for people who have little contact with touch keyboards (and who have trouble getting to the keys they want to press, but also for people who have large fingers.

Big Buttons is an application that replaces the traditional Android keyboard with one with much larger buttons. This makes writing on the device much easier. Of course, to be able to place all the keys on the screen part of it is sacrificed, so the remaining space will be much smaller than what we are accustomed to by users who use the traditional keyboard.

Ultimate Volume Booster

There are times when the volume of the mobile speakers may not be enough for some users. When there are auditory problems by means, this detail can be accentuated even more, and it is essential to look for a solution to this problem.

With Ultimate Volume Booster you can exceed the limits that Android puts on the device speaker. Once the application is downloaded, you can choose how far to increase the volume of the mobile phone for seniors.

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