How to improve mobile content marketing

How to improve mobile content marketing

Browsing from mobile devices has grown exponentially in recent years. Since the smartphone appeared, almost there are hands that do not handle one. So content marketing has had to change course to adapt to this new context. Now content marketing is done for mobile.

It has been more than a year since mobile internet access surpassed those from computers. This is said quickly, but if you look back about 5 years, this would seem like sheer madness. At that time, the time spent on mobile apps was 53% less. And on mobile websites 90%.

The consumption of content from the mobile has many differences compared to what is done from a computer. Not only does the screen size change. Consumption habits and the context in which it is carried out also change. This means that the possibilities offered by a mobile device increase. In other words, the contents are no longer limited to information “without more.” Otherwise, this information is ad-hoc. The user can consult specific information for a specific situation. For example, how long it will take for your bus to pass your stop.

Although content marketing is trying to adapt to these possibilities, it is still beginning to take advantage of it. As for advertising formats, these have not evolved much. They are minimally adapted to the size, appearance, etc. But it is still the same invasive advertising format that seeks a direct conversion.

Why the change

This paradigm shift has a clear agent. It is mainly due to younger users. These make a very high consumption of content through the mobile. They are the generation that has grown up with this technology built into their lives. And although they make relatively responsible use of certain social networks, the connection figures exceed 3 hours a day.

Although this seems obvious, and that does not surprise anyone. Perhaps the most significant data is the increase in older age groups. Since where the growth of use is greater, it is in the range between 55/64 years. This change reduces the generation gap in Internet content consumption.

But there are other important factors for this change and for content marketing. Two of them are accessible from other devices, until now, less common. The television and the game console. Devices that are seen more and more frequently to access the Internet. And they have increased by 44% and 32% in recent years.

How to improve mobile content marketingmobile content marketing

It is believed that, as has happened before with other trends, this will drift towards new content and formats. But in the meantime, you have to take advantage of it. You have to be there, but you also have to know-how. And this is where mobile content marketing becomes a key factor. Brands have been uploaded to branded content, generating content and stories. In this type of content, the message no longer focuses on the sale of a product. If not, now they are looking for fans or followers of a brand.

It is remarkable that mobile marketing does not live on content alone. Services or tools that are useful to users are also created. The goal is to always be present and close to the users. In this way, engagement is created indirectly. They are not loyal thanks to the quality of a product, if not because of the constant presence. A discourse is created that aims to be close to the users. It is intended that this identity with the brand.

The interesting thing is that exclusive content for mobile phones is created. It seems logical that in this paradigm in which what is sought is a constant presence, the mobile has everything to say. It is a device that is always with the user. So brands have seen the possibility of always being there.

The question may be how to be there. Sometimes brands simply adapt their content to a smaller screen. But it is clear that this is not the way. The mobile offers multiple possibilities. Interaction, mobility, immediacy or location are some examples. Brands should try to take advantage of them.

You have to change the script of the content to be successful. You can stand out by giving the key in mobile content marketing.

Some examples of mobile content

As has been said, the mobile offers multiple possibilities. It has features that no other device has offered. In addition, it is now combined with other devices that historically did not connect to the Internet.

Tell stories

Regardless of its format (video, comic, text…) what is carried out now is telling stories. Hook the user through emotions. Identify a brand with people’s everyday problems.

It seems clear that the video is in the star format. But there are many other ways to reach users. They must not be forgotten. Even within the video itself, the possibilities are growing. From the micro-videos to the videos in which the user is directing the story.

Offer data

The era of big data is living. Perhaps this has made data fashionable, or perhaps it has been the other way around. But it is clear that data is liked, and consumed. Infographics are carried away. And they have also evolved. They are no longer traditional graphs, full of pie, bars, or diagrams. Now they also tell stories and connect data in interesting and engaging ways.

Tools and services

Offering applications or utilities is also a trend in mobile content marketing. It no longer only serves to tell stories and offer information. You have to be useful. The mobile is a telephone, it is a newspaper, it is a television … but it is also a tool. It serves as a map or compass, but also as a recorder or as a credit card. Knowing how to use this in favor of the brand will be something crucial in the future of mobile content marketing.

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