Lexar launches the first 1TB SD card, ahead of SanDisk

Lexar launches the first 1TB SD card, ahead of SanDisk

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Yesterday we gathered that SanDisk had created the first 4 TB USB memory prototypes, now it is Lexar who has announced the first 1 TB SD card that can be purchased. SanDisk could have advanced to the company since they showed the first prototype of 1 TB SD card two years ago, but Lexar has advanced them to the right with this new and little accessible model.

Lexar Professional 633x: SD cards from 16 GB to 1 TB capacity

Lexar Professional 633x

SD cards are cheaper than ever, and the price seems to continue to plummet. A 128 GB microSD card costs just $ 23.90, and even models such as the Extreme Pro with 95 MB / s of speed designed to record videos in 4K and make burst photos with reflex or mirrorless cameras, cost only $45.

The 256 GB cards are also at lower prices compared to when they hit the market, costing $60 in the case of the Samsung EVO Plus. From there, the 512 GB will shoot at prices that exceed 200 dollars.

And it will be just double what this company card costs. Lexar has announced the Lexar Professional 633x, a range of SDHC and SDXC UHS-I cards ranging from 16 GB to 1 TB. The speed advertised is 95 MB/s for reading and 70 MB/s for writing, although it only has V30/U3 certification, which guarantees sustained writing speeds of 30 MB/s.

Lexar Professional 633x

$ 499.99 in exchange for 1 TB, although they are already sold at 399.99

The price of the card is more expensive than it would cost two SD cards of 512 GB since you always pay a plus for having the same capacity in a single card and not have to change it. However, having two 512 GB cards is safer if you have a professional camera with two slots to ensure that you do not lose any of your photos.

Thus, the 1TB model will cost $499.99 according to the company, although there are stores like B & H that sell it for $399.99. Therefore, if you are looking for a large capacity card with enough speed to record in 4K, this model can come in handy. Assuming a 100 Mbps bitrate (like that of a Sony Alpha A7 III when recording in 4K), we would have enough space to record 22 hours of video in a row.

Lexar Professional 633x

Lexar has had a couple of difficult years since in 2017 they announced that they would cease retail operations. However, the company managed to float again in 2018 after the purchase by Longsys at the end of 2017 to re-produce SD cards, as well as USB drives, card readers and SSDs.

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