Improve your results with these SEO tweaks

Improve your results with these SEO tweaks

Keeping a close eye on your website SEO is important, as it enables you to react to negative trends before they become a major cause for concern. But that doesn’t mean you need to overhaul your entire SEO strategy. Sometimes all that’s needed are a few simple tweaks to keep ahead of the game and in this article, we’ll show you how.

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Top quality content is essential

Content is King in the online world, so no expense should be spared in ensuring that your content really shines out according to Search Engine Journal. Simply stuffing your content with keywords will only serve to alienate search engines, so if you can’t produce great copy yourself, then consider hiring someone who can.

Sort out your header tags

Ideally, your primary keyword should be featured in your H1 tags, with subheadings featured under the H2 tags. It’s highly desirable to include your primary keywords at least once for every page, using the H2 tags. Not sure how to make full use of the different header tags? You can easily source professional SEO services in London, or wherever you happen to be in the country, which will ensure that your web content always conforms to best practice, thereby increasing your potential to attract visitors.

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Fix broken links and pages

Encountering 404 errors tells your visitors that you’re not on top of your game. Dead and broken links send out a poor message to site visitors, so make a point of checking links regularly, and fixing anything that isn’t working exactly as it should.

Speed up loading times

Web visitors lose interest within just three seconds, so if your page hasn’t finished loading by then, you could see high bounce rates, while your competitors will see a corresponding increase in their site visitors! A lost web visitor is a missed opportunity, so make sure your site loads at lightning-fast speed. This is definitely something that the professionals can help you with – for professional SEO services in London contact Elevate UK, who can streamline your site and greatly enhance the growth of your business.

Repurpose your content

Why use a great piece of web content just once? Repurposing content allows you to use new channels, such as social media platforms, to generate extra interest in your products and services.

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