10 applications and tools improve your focus to increase productivity

10 applications and tools improve your focus to increase productivity

In this post, you will learn about the 10 best applications and tools that help improve your focus to increase productivity.

Many of the technologies we use today did not even pass through the heads of previous generations. Things like games that we can take anywhere and applications that bring essential services for your home always sounded like a science fiction thing.

Now the applications and tools that increase productivity are no longer exclusive to large companies and can be part of the day to day of any professional.

We will show you which resources work best when it comes to helping you concentrate and do a better job, either as a freelancer or in a company.

Check our apps selection to increase productivity!

1. Spark

increase productivity

Do you have problems managing the amount of emails you receive and cannot always answer to everyone?

Spark is an application for iOS and Mac that can change the way you relate to this means of communication.

It works with the main email providers and even with a personalized account, which uses its own URL.

Spark categorizes emails by priority, allow you to schedule message delivery, automatically respond to the most common requests you receive, and synchronize your appointments and meetings with your favorite calendar application.

Spark has an interface that prioritizes agility, that is, it offers personalized shortcuts so you can organize yourself better. With a single movement of the finger, it is possible to archive messages, place them as highlights and forward them to other members of your team.

2. Any.do

Any.do is the perfect tool for people who have problems when managing your deadlines and tasks.

With its own calendar and customization options for the types of engagement you use most often, this app helps you increase productivity by creating lists, distribute tasks to team members, schedule tasks based on a location, and always notify you about everything you must fulfill.

The fact that it is possible to schedule tasks that must be fulfilled in a specific place makes this application ideal for digital nomads.

It means that you can make better use of your time, reminding yourself of what you wanted to do when you passed a café with free Internet access or a museum you always wanted to visit.

3. Freedom

There are times when the difficulty to concentrate is what most hinders the productivity of freelancers. Therefore, we recommend Freedom. The application reduces the distractions we face on a day-to-day basis for periods determined by the user.

If you want to concentrate on a task for an hour, mark that interval of time on the timer or schedule it on your weekly calendar so that the tool prevents distractions during the time you dedicate to work.

The application will be responsible for blocking sites and notifications on all devices on which it is installed and preventing you from being distracted.

4. CloudCal

increase productivity

Sometimes we concentrate too much on work and have difficulty dedicating time to ourselves. CloudCal has the proposal to organize these free moments to increase productivity, so you can dedicate yourself to the hobbies and activities that you like to do the most.

All kinds of homework can be scheduled there, such as going to the supermarket or the gym. The schedules in which you work and those in which you are free to have fun too.

As a bonus, the application synchronizes all your appointments in Google Calendar, Outlook, Facebook, Evernote, Trello, Meetup and Eventbrite.

5. Pocket

Do you need to read more, but you’re always out there and you never find time for that?

Save everything you want to read in the Pocket and take advantage of the time you spend on public transport or waiting rooms to put those readings up to date.

Pocket synchronizes with all the pages that your browser has access to and puts them at your disposal even when you do not have an Internet connection.

Also, make recommendations according to your preferences and let you follow what your friends are reading, as in the old Google Reader.


“If This Than That” is an automation tool that will save you a lot of time every day and ultimately increase productivity. With a simple interface, it allows the user to manage automated actions, such as post on social networks.

By posting something on Instagram, for example, you can store the file on your Google Drive or Dropbox, send it to someone or post it on another social network.

7. Apps for your browser

Not only mobile applications can help you find the balance. Chrome users can bet on StayFocusd to block specific sites that hinder their concentration.

In Firefox it’s LeechBlock that accomplishes this task, allowing you to free up time at each work interval to check things like social networks.

Toggl is also an excellent tool for those who need to organize work time and it also works in any browser.

It also has an application for Windows, Mac, Linux and all kinds of phones. It can measure the time you spend on the activities on and offline, separating them by category.

8. Trello

increase productivity

Do you want to better integrate the members of your department and do more things in less time to increase productivity?

Use Trello. This productivity application is a project manager that is based on the Kanban method to make all tasks organized and completed at the right time.

With Trello it is possible to appoint people in charge, determine deadlines, share briefings and create your own productivity strategies. The flexibility of the tool is its strongest point, making it adapt to the working methodology of each user.

9. Letterspace

Do you need to make notes in meetings, but do not like to use pencil and paper and have not adapted to other applications to create listings?

Try Letterspace. It has been specifically designed to organize simple notes, using hashtags to identify them and make them accessible when you need them.

All interactions with the application are made gesturally, except writing. But, using the original functions of the phone, such as the voice keyboard, you can create notes in a few seconds without having to interrupt your other activities.

10. Asana

This program is a task organizer that has a very useful integration with email services and agendas.

Especially for large teams that perform tasks with other teams and areas of the company, because it allows you to add followers, assign tasks and dates and shows you all the actions in a small history in each task.

In this way, it is easier to follow up on the tasks and know who modified the date, when the task was created and who was responsible for it.

To improve productivity has been said!

With all these applications it will be easier to manage your day to day activities and helps to increase productivity.

Choose the apps that best fit your work routine and do some tests to see how you adapt to them. We guarantee that you will not regret it!

The applications and tools mentioned here are not the only resources you have available to become a better professional.

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