HP enhances its DaaS service

HP enhances its DaaS service

HP DaaS (Device as a Service) is now available in 20 European countries with the support of Apple devices, simplifying the management and security of the IT environment even when using multiple operating systems.

The life of IT managers is getting tougher. While cyber threats increase exponentially, IT technicians find themselves having to manage increasingly complex networks, often created with different devices and operating systems, a factor that makes their security more complicated.

“The workforce is evolving with more remote and highly mobile employees. Today’s approach to modern IT management must simplify the way organizations provide the right devices for work, manage management by anticipating needs and offer flexibility for their activities,” explains  Bill Avey, Global Head and General Manager, HP’s Personal Systems.

To meet these needs, HP has decided to upgrade its DaaS (Device as a Service) service.



The idea of HP to ease the workload of the IT department is ultimately simple: turning the company’s devices into a service. HP will assess the needs of each reality, evaluating which devices are most indicative and taking care of their configuration, implementation and maintenance, with great advantages from the point of view of security. The service, called DaaS (Device as a Service), has recently been improved and extended.


The big news announced at MWC 2019 is that now the DaaS support is extended to Apple devices, including iPhone and iPad. A solution already envisaged on foreign markets but which only now lands in 20 of the European states, among which is not missing.

HP TechPulse

Why wait for a device to exhibit malfunctions to intervene? HP TechPulse is the tool through which IT managers can monitor the health of corporate devices, constantly monitoring them remotely to prevent problems. During the MWC HP has announced the news of this program among which stands out the predictive analysis of Android and iOS devices, which can anticipate the occurrence of problems related to the battery or memories. Of particular interest is the constant control of the temperature of Apple devices, allowing to evaluate when to intervene in case of excessive heating?

In Windows, efforts have focused on hardware compatibility reports with Windows 10, so as to allow to plan the transition to the new Microsoft operating system now that is about to expire official support to Windows 7, still widely used on many systems. HP has finally added compatibility with Microsoft Telemetry, to provide customers with more effective support for the fleet of business devices.

HP Tech Café Market

How to do if an employee needs a device or devices out of work hours? HP Tech Café Market solves this need by implementing lockers or even technology vending machines in companies. Employees simply swipe the company badge to access consumables or new devices. A solution that not only simplifies work procedures but helps IT to keep the hardware under control and ensures greater satisfaction for employees who, thanks to the self-service, can replace the damaged devices in a very short time, 24/7, without getting lost in red tape.

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