How to Watch Netflix Together with Distant Friends!

How to Watch Netflix Together with Distant Friends!

Only few things are better than enjoying a day with friends, watching episodes of your favorite shows on Netflix. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for everyone to be in the same room, however, there are fortunately a number of options so that you and your distant friends can watch Netflix together, no matter where in the world they are.

We have discovered in eight different ways you can watch Netflix together with friends now, no matter where in the world they are. Some of these applications allow you to watch Netflix with your friends in the app itself, while others are simply video messaging services that you can connect while everyone is watching the same show together.

8 Ways To Watch Netflix Together with Distant Friends

1. Netflix Party

Netflix Party is an extension for Google Chrome that automatically synchronizes Netflix video playback and also adds a group chat feature. The extension is extremely easy to install and use, the only warning is that you must use Google Chrome, which could be a crossroads for some.

Once the extension is installed, just open Netflix in your browser and start playing a video. Then click on the small “NP” button located next to the browser address bar, and Netflix party will begin.

The nice thing about this extension is that it syncs the video that’s right for you and your friend, which means that you and your distant friends watch Netflix together the same thing at the exact same time.

2. Rabbit

The rabbit is a website you can use to watch Netflix together with friends. It is also possible to create or participate in live “rooms” to see what others are watching.

When entering a room you will see the video being played on the main part of your browser, and on the right is an area for people in a chat room. It’s perfect for making clever jokes I’m known for while watching movies and TV shows.

Because of the way Netflix is imposed, sometimes it doesn’t work on Rabbit, more commonly, if you or one of your friends is in a country other than the US In this case, there is a convenient Rabbit extension for Google Chrome that should clarify things.

3. Showgoers

Showgoers is yet another Google Chrome extension, the main difference is that everyone must have a Netflix account and the extension installed on their browser.

Once everything is set up, however, this is one of the best ways to watch Netflix together with distant friends. All you have to do is start a movie or show on Netflix, and then share a link URL with anyone you want to watch that content with.

One of the best features of Showgoers is the way it allows everyone you are watching to click Play or Pause, as well as Rewind and Fast-Forward.

The extension works even if you have no friends with Netflix. You can browse through the public by watching parties to watch movies and shows with others who have the same tastes.

4. Watch2Gether

While Watch2Gether does not support Netflix in particular, it lets you browse the internet in sync with friends around the world and watch videos from other sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

You can also use the store site for the set of items on Amazon and organize all the shared content in playlists.

Watch2Gether does not have a built-in chat and supports the webcam for video chats. This means that if you and your friend both have Netflix, you could look on your own and then use Watch2Gether to chat about the movie or show while also browsing the web together.

The site also has its own Google Chrome extension to make watch Netflix together with your friends even easier.

5. Kik

For years Kik has been one of the best online chat services around, and is a great tool to use while watch Netflix together and enjoy movies or shows your distant friends.

Kik has all the features you would expect from a high level of chat service, such as a wide range of emojis, the ability to easily share photos, and even a library of Gif images. In fact, Gifs are a great way to express your emotions when a big moment happens in the film, or to show that you are watching.

6. The look

The look is a service designed to help you watch videos with distant friends. While not directly connecting to watch Netflix together, it has a number of similar features of services previously mentioned here.

You can use the Look to watch YouTube videos together in sync. In fact, you can watch any video in sync with your friends, as you have the video saved as a file on your device.

The look also has chat and video calling features, which allows you to talk to your friend, in real time, each of Netflix streaming in the background.

7. Synaptop

Synaptop is an online service that lets you do all the internet stuff with others, even watch movies and TV, listen to music, play games and read books.

The service is accessible from any web browser, and has video and text chats, so you can make your comments during a movie or show. You can also pause, rewind or fast-forward in sync with your friends.

8. MashMeTV

Originally developed for colleagues to connect more easily, MashMeTV is a video browser call service that can connect to your friends and lets you watch Netflix together. Allows you to log in with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

The free version of MashMeTV gives 10 hours of video and chat sharing per month, and the ability to connect up to five participants. The basic version costs $8 a month and gives you 18 hours to chat with up to eight participants, while the pro version costs $15 a month and gives you 36 hours to chat with up to 10 people.


If your best friend has moved away it does not mean that the film is an end night. Similarly, if you make a new friend online, you don’t need to wait to meet you in person to enjoy a movie night together.

Instead, you can use any of these nine services to watch all your favorite Netflix shows and movies together, no matter where you are in the world.

Have you ever used any of the applications listed above? If yes, which ones? Use another app to watch Netflix together with distant friends? If so we would love to hear about it, so please let us know in the comments below.

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