How to Upload a Youtube Video on Instagram?

How to Upload a Youtube Video on Instagram?

Social networks are the most used media and entertainment today and, of all of them, perhaps Instagram is one of the most adept. This is due to several causes, the fact that it is a network that was born with a clear vocation towards the visual and the image is the main one of them all. To this, we must add that it has recently included the option to upload videos to its stories, which contributes even more to its promotion and updating.

Steps to upload a YouTube video on Instagram

To do this, we have to do the following:

The first thing we will have to do is download the video on our phone and save it in the corresponding folder.

Next, we must access the Instagram application and click on the stories icon. That is the camera icon that is located on the left side of the screen and used to create a new story.

Now, we will select the landscape-shaped icon that will give us access to the phone folder where both photos and videos are stored.

We will select the video in question and, since it will only let us upload a maximum of 6 seconds, we must select the seconds we want to upload from the video.

Finally, we will add the features that we want to appear in the publication (such as comments, location, tagged people, etc.) and press the publish option.

This method is the most laborious because it requires downloading the video before to upload it with the highest quality. However, there is also another less laborious option, although with a lower quality result, which can also serve us at any given time. Keep Reading funny videos maker app

YouTube video on Instagram Stories

This option is somewhat simpler than the previous one since we will avoid the need to download the video to our phone previously. However, it indeed implies a lower quality of the image that we will broadcast in our Instagram story.

To do this, we will repeat the same action we have done with our phone in the previous case. That is, we will open the Instagram application on our phone, press the camera icon corresponding to the creation of stories and, we will access the screen that allows us to select the type of content we want to upload.

However, in this case, instead of pressing the landscape icon, what we will do is make a live video. That is, we will record something that we have in front of us at the same time as the recording. In this case, what we will have to have previously prepared will be the video that we want to upload but to be played on another screen, be it a phone or a computer. In this way, what we will do is upload the video by recording it directly from another screen where it is playing live.

Finally, we will complete the publication with the same attributes that we mentioned in the previous case (comments, location, tagged people, etc.) and we will publish it. This option, although it may be less elaborate, is one of the most used because it is quick and easy to carry out. So, although downloading the YouTube video provides better quality, it is also important to take it into account when uploading a video.

Things to consider before sharing YouTube videos to Instagram

The problem with uploading a YouTube video to Instagram when we record it from another screen is that the quality is usually not the best. To reduce this problem as much as possible, we must take into account a series of elements that will influence the quality of the video and that, if we contemplate them during the recording, we will achieve better results.

Place the phone well: First of all, it is important to place the phone and the screen that we are going to record in the right place. In addition, it is also very important that they are fixed, always avoiding holding the phone by hand. In this sense, it is best to have a tripod to hold. However, if you do not have it, you can also use any structure that gives stability, from a stack of books to clothespins that allow the mobile to remain firm and static.

The light and sound of the room: It is also very important to correctly calibrate both the light and the sound of the screen and the room. It is important that the image looks good, that the video is fully heard and that the rest of the room where it is being recorded remains silent.

A record at the right time: Finally, you should not forget to prepare the video that is going to be recorded at the specific moment we want it to be recorded, taking into account the delay time it will take between giving the play in the video and rec in the cell phone.


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