How to make my computer go faster

How to make my computer go faster

With the passage of time, it is normal for our computer to start working with something more slowly. It is a normal process, although in many cases it is annoying. Therefore, we can always take measures to try to improve this and make it work faster. Then we will leave you with a series of tricks and tips in this regard.

In this way, you will be able to get your computer to work better and go faster. They are simple tricks, which you can carry out without installing any program or tool. Ready to know these tricks?

computer go faster

Remove programs that you do not use

A very common trend among users is to install a large number of programs on the computer. This is something that ends up having an impact on the functioning of our team. It helps to make it work more slowly. For that reason, it is good that we control the programs that we have installed in the computer. Since surely we find some that we do not use at all.

So that those programs that we have installed and do not use, we must eliminate them. We managed to free up space, in addition to eliminating those processes that are running in the background, which cause this slowdown in the computer. Once finished with these programs, we will see that there are certain improvements in this slowness of the equipment.

Controls which applications run on startup

When we install programs on the computer, there are some that are configured in a way, that when we start the computer, it will run automatically. This is something that can have a great influence on the start of the team, causing it to be much slower. Therefore, we must control which applications are those that start automatically. In this way, select only those we want to start, or be useful.

In a Windows computer we must go to the task manager for it. There, in the upper part we see that there are several tabs, one of which is “Home”. It is in this tab where we find the list of applications. All those that have “enabled” start automatically. By right clicking on them, we can disable them. Thus, they would not start when we turn on the computer, which will cause the start to be faster.

Free space on the hard drive

Cleaning the hard disk is useful in this type of situation. If you have a Windows 10 computer, we have a tool that comes in the operating system itself that allows us to execute this type of task. So we are going to free space where possible and necessary. It is called Disk Cleanup, which can be found using “cleanmgr” in the search bar in the taskbar. It is a very useful application.

We will not have to do anything, just follow the steps indicated and select the hard drive in which we want to do this cleaning. Analyze that unit, and show us everything that can be deleted in it. Thus, we free up space and we are getting the computer to run faster.

computer go faster

Defragment the hard disk

Another common tip in this type of situation, which usually helps the speed of our computer to increase significantly, is to defragment the hard drive. Again, if you have a Windows 10 computer, you do not have to do much in this regard, since we have a tool in the operating system that will help us in this process. We simply write fragment in the search bar that is in the taskbar. We will get that tool then.

The only thing we have to do in this case is to select the hard drive that we want to defrag. The tool will be responsible for analyzing the state of the same, and then start with this process of defragmentation. Once completed, we may notice that there is some improvement in the speed of our device.

Change the hard drive

The hard drive is a part in which these problems are usually concentrated. The most common is that you have an HDD in the computer, which usually cause slower operation. That’s why, a usual advice in this type of situations is to change the hard drive, and replace it with an SSD. Although we usually give a lower storage capacity, its operation is much more fluid and lighter. What will help to improve notably the speed of the computer?

Logically, it depends on the state and age of our computer. Since it is a rather old team, it does not make sense for us to put ourselves in a process like this, with the investment of time and money. We must consider it in each case, and see if it is something that can serve us.

Search for updates

It may happen that the origin of this speed problem in the computer has its origin in a software failure. Therefore, the solution in this type of case can be really simple. Since all we have to do is update the equipment, and in this way the problem becomes part of the past. Therefore, check if there is an update available for your computer at that time.

In this sense, it is important to have the various elements of the equipment updated, including drivers and controllers. It happens in many cases that not one has been outdated, and is causing problems in the team. Therefore, checking that everyone is up to date with the latest available version is important in this type of situation.

computer go faster

Check that there is no malware

Although it is not too common, there is the possibility that some malware or virus has sneaked into the computer. And this is responsible for its slow functioning. Therefore, carry out an analysis, using the antivirus that we have installed at that time, is a key action. Since it will allow us to detect if there is something that has crept into the computer. So be able to take action in this regard.

It carries out an analysis of the computer in search of some malware, virus or other types of threats, to be able to leave doubts, and that this is not the origin of the slowdown in the computer. Also, if you have noticed that it works worse after installing a specific program, you should remove this program as soon as possible.

Delete temporary files

As with programs, the operating system tends to store many temporary files. Maybe the reason why our computer works slowly is in this. Therefore, we must proceed with its elimination, so that it returns to normal operation in the equipment. In Windows 10 we can find them in the configuration, within the storage section in the system. Thus, we can proceed to its elimination in our team in a simple way.

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