How to identify the fonts in a photo

How to identify the fonts in a photo

“I really like the font they used in this photo, but I do not know what it’s called …”

Entering the exciting world of graphics and creative work you will certainly have thought of something like that and it is completely normal: we would all like to know as many character styles as possible that could be useful for future work and to create a better final product.

If this question keeps buzzing in your head, do not worry: we are ready to help you. We present you the three best web pages or app to find out which font was used in a text, image or video.

What Font Is

Doing a simple search might seem a bit boring, but it is the best advice if you have little time to devote to writing and / or graphics. “What Font Is” is a website that perfectly fulfills the mission that we set ourselves in this post that is to find the kind of character we do not know? What is its best feature? It’s free and works well. More than good, to be honest.

Simply upload an image with text from your PC (or paste a link to the site in question) and the website will do all the rest. Of course, we immediately give you some advice to narrow down your search.

Meanwhile, you have to know something important: the website has a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows us to send the font we want to search. In other words, you will save time by going to the site because the font will be sent directly through the browser extension.

My Fonts

A tool almost identical to What Font Is that we recommend for its high success rate:  My Fonts. The mechanism is the same: take a picture, upload it to the website and get results on the font used in the photo in question.

Please note that if the system does not find the exact font, it will still offer a series of alternatives that can help you get the result you want (ideal if you have an urgent need).


We conclude with a last tool, but not less important:  Matcherator. Unlike its two competing sites, this has the fact that it is regularly updated, which makes searching for fonts easier and more accurate.

Currently, for example, there is an advanced mode, an image editor that is able to recognize less common types of characters within standard models on the internet.

The system is similar to the other two websites: just upload an image to the platform and get the font to download. It also allows you to detect the typeface on websites with a higher success rate than the two competing sites (especially in this area).

Now that you have this complete font recognition guide, you will not waste too much time searching for the right graphic element.

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