How to earn money from website visits: 5 ways

How to earn money from website visits: 5 ways

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Today there are few who are not attracted to know how to earn money from website visits, no doubt represents a good alternative to traditional work for the new batch of young people who because of the crisis have run out of options to find a job.

In today’s post, we are going to see 5 ways to monetize a website to earn extra income that the most and the least will come great

Is the internet easy money?

Not at all, making money online is not an easy task and requires a very large mastery of the subject. Could you put yourself as an engineer in an industrial company without having studied? On the internet, it does not work that way either.

Luckily to discover how to earn money from website visits, you will not need to study at a prestigious university because you can do it through your computer and almost free.

You have a thousand blogs and others with which you can learn and the best thing is that the investment to start is not too high because with a domain, a hosting and a lot of work you could start.

How to earn money from website visits

Some friends still ask me how money is made online although most people think they already know it: they make money from advertising, do not they? Man, if you say advertising is everything then I do not think it’s a good answer.

Let’s see 5 traditional ways to earn money online besides affiliate marketing, to see if you like some and you want to go deeper.


Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite forms of monetization, why? Very simple, it is simply to put a link referring to a website where a product is sold and each time someone who clicks my link makes a purchase on the other page I get a percentage.

It is very easy to use and it is also very convenient since you can see how your commissions go in real time through the control panel.

In all the methods of monetization, the difficult thing is to position the web and receive traffic.


How to earn money from website

This is the best example of how to earn money from website visits. Google advertising, you place a banner and for each click that your visitors make you will get a few bucks.

Depending on your niche it will be more or less, there are niches for very few cents while there are some insurance and others that exceed $100 per click.


A lead is a buying interest. For example, if you have a website where you talk about graphic design you can place a form in which you put something like: Do you want us to design a customized website?

After all, those who send a request can refer them to someone who is dedicated to this profession and charge a commission. Very easy task for them who want to explore how to earn money from website visits.


E-commerce is the traditional online store, just as in a fixed point but without showing the face personally.

I love them and they work very well but they are not easy to carry since they require more maintenance than the other monetization models.


It is about monetizing your blog or website through courses, ebooks and other training articles.

It is interesting if you already have an audience or community that knows you and is interested in your products.

Those were the 5 ways that I thought will help them who are looking for some extra money from the Internet. As we give you the clue, now you know how to earn money from website visits.

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