How To Download Videos From Vimeo

How To Download Videos From Vimeo

Vimeo from those rare sites where you can officially can’t download videos from vimeo. To download from vimeo clip, you need to register on the site. But even the account does not guarantee that the video will be saved, because the author of the video can limit access to privacy settings or specify the rights to music or video.

There are several ways to circumvent the restrictions and save the desired video: use special sites with a huge amount of advertising; put a browser add-on that can slow down its work; find a direct link to the video in the page code, but this requires special knowledge; or install a special video capture application.

The latter method is the most secure and universal – using the capture application, you can save video not only from vimeo, but also from any similar site, and also record a live broadcast, podcast or conversation in Skype.

It’s not safe to use the programs that the search engine suggests: they can carry viruses into the computer.

Movavi Screen Recorder will help you out – an application for capturing video from the screen. The program will record a video from the site, and you will have a full-fledged video with Vimeo.

Download Videos From Vimeo

 Follow the instructions to record video in Movavi Screen Recorder …

1) Launch Movavi Screen Recorder and open the video on Customize the recording frame. Move the grip area with the arrows in the center and drag the edges to resize. Choose full screen or draw a frame for recording manually.

Before recording, check that the microphone and system sound is turned on – these buttons should be lit in green. Move the sliders to the left of the buttons to adjust the volume.

Click on the red Rec button and recording will begin. A countdown of three seconds appears on the screen – start the video only after it ends, otherwise the start of the video will not be recorded.

To pause or stop recording, click Pause or Stop.

2) Stop recording when the movie ends. Capture mode will automatically switch to preview mode with built-in video editor. There you will cut off the extra fragments and adjust the length of the video. Move the white marker to the beginning of the waste part and click on the scissors icon to cut the roller. Then move the marker to the end of the fragment and do the same. Click on the unnecessary part and click on the trash can icon to remove it.

3) Click on the green button on the right to Save as, select the appropriate format and folder for the video. The program supports popular formats: MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV and others.

Now you know how to download any video with vimeo. With Movavi Screen Recorder, you will save streaming video, record a podcast and talk on Skype, capture a movie in HD. Try it!

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