How to choose a VPN to browse the web

How to choose a VPN to browse the web

The web gives us more and more neologisms, acronyms and acronyms and we are ready to bet that after the unattainable WWW (world wide web), an acronym that has literally changed the world and its way of being perceived not long before we will talk with the same awareness also of VPN. The term VPN (Virtual Private Network) identifies a private network that uses a public network to allow some connected devices to communicate with each other as if they were all connected to the same router.

This type of network is referred to as virtual since the devices are not actually connected to the same spot – as instead happens in a “classic” LAN; and also – a small detail that cannot be overlooked – they can be located and connected to the public network in any part of the world. A showcase of all the potential we can have on the web today is represented by the VPNs recommended by the specialized website. In general, VPNs are created with the aim of creating a connection – called a VPN tunnel – that allows data exchanged between the various devices connected to the VPN to be protected and various levels of IT security to be guaranteed through a remote connection.

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The most suitable VPNs on the market

The list with the most performing VPNs takes into account several factors. Many evaluation indexes that contribute to giving a vote and a quality value to every single tested and tested VPN for users who want them to look for advice among the pages of the site.

Among the qualities of here you cannot do without above all stand out the ability to ensure privacy, as does for example CyberGhost VPN which – located in Romania – is located outside the network of countries called 14 Eyes, which as is easy to understand, it pays particular attention to the work of users, sharing information between intelligence.

Furthermore, CyberGhost VPN does not keep any activity logs. Of course the difference in judgment is given by the quantity and quality of servers that you own and on which the VPN is run. Among the most awarded virtual networks in the world is IPVanish which has 1,000 servers in over sixty countries and boasts – also in this case a service focused on security and user needs.

How to recognize the best VPN based on your needs

Before choose a VPN it is important to ask yourself if the service you are buying is actually able to meet our needs. The main needs that a VPN is able to satisfy mainly concern three needs:

  • Access streaming content such as, for example, those present on platforms such as Netflix and Kodi (in this sense, the objective is to circumvent geographical restrictions).
  • Hide the IP address to surf online completely anonymously.
  • Connect to public Wi-Fi networks without leaving any trace of your navigation.

Regarding the opportunity to penetrate into streaming services and view officially visible content only in other countries, the best VPNs are definitely ExpressVPN and NordVPN. The first allows you to enjoy content at incredible speeds, ensuring high quality streaming. The second one, on the other hand, is excellent for its ability to mask the IP address. Finally, both adopt a strict no-log policy that ensures anonymous and absolutely safe browsing.

For the connection to public Wi-Fi networks, instead, the most indicated service is CyberGhost VPN. This VPN in addition to hiding the IP address is able to encrypt all connections, allows you to leave no trace while browsing online, removes the limitations imposed by public networks and inhibits all types of monitoring by government agencies or any hackers who aim to track down your personal information. A valid alternative to the public Wi-Fi network is to configure a virtual router on Windows through a VPN.

The best service is offered by NordVPN which allows you to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously and has more than 4600 servers.

Why be wary of free VPNs?

Of course there are also the critical points. Security – you will have understood – represents the main node.

By connecting to a VPN, in fact, we make our data pass through our servers. This reason is enough to suggest and hope for the use of serious, reputed service and – for obvious reasons – for a fee.  Obviously there are many free VPNs, but you are warned and dealt with – if you really have to – with all the necessary precautions.

The other big macro theme is the navigation performance. Having to go through another connection, the navigation performances are lowered. Also in this case the recommendation is to rely on professionals who – in most cases – are able to contain the drop in performance. We hope to have provided you with the tools you need to select the VPN that’s right for you.

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