How to change IMEI number of a cell phone with or without root

How to change IMEI number of a cell phone with or without root

There are several procedures to change the IMEI number of a cell phone with or without root. You can enter engineer mode on your phone by entering certain configuration codes or using certain applications from the Google Play Store. In general, this procedure is usually done in case the phone is tracked, has a doubtful origin, is not unlocked or the IMEI code is not displayed when consulting it.

Therefore, in this article, you will find how to change the IMEI number of a cell phone with or without root. However, it should be mentioned that the IMEI code is the identification number of the phone, therefore, if the cell phone is changed, it will automatically lose the warranty. In addition to this, in case of loss or theft of the equipment, you will not have the means to verify that it has been an object of your property. It is important to consider these aspects before performing the procedure.

Steps to followHow to change IMEI number

In the following sections, you will see the necessary steps to change the IMEI number, in case you have your phone with root or not. If you have an old phone that has constant problems with updates, possibly changing the IMEI is a solution. It is also a good option if you think you are being tracked by a hacker.

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No Root

If you dial the code * # 06 # you will see your IMEI code on the screen of your phone. In case it doesn’t appear, you will have to configure it. To carry out this procedure, you must first activate the programmer options on your Smartphone. Therefore, you should follow this path: ” Settings> Developer options> Enabled “.

With this, you can access advanced options on the cell phone, among which is changing the IMEI code. To perform this procedure, you just have to follow the steps that will be described below:

  1. Write the following code on your phone: * # * # 3646633 # * # *.
  2. You will see that a new window appears, which is called ” Engineer Menu “. In it, slide the screen to the left to position yourself on the “ Connectivity ” tab.
  3. Press ” CDS Information”.
  4. Choose ” Radio Information”.
  5. Select ” Phone 1 “. If you have two SIM cards you will see the options ” Phone 1 ” and ” Phone 2 “. If this is your case, you must do the process with both chips.
  6. You will see an ” AT +” on the screen. Add an ” E ” right at the end to get this command: ” AT + E “.
  7. Choose the option AT + EGMR = 1,7 , “Your IMEI code”. In the space between the two quotes, enter the new IMEI code. It is worth mentioning that the number ” 1.7 ” is for the first SIM, while the digit ” 1.10 ” is for the IMEI of the second SIM.
  8. Press ” Send at the command”.
  9. Restart your mobile to finish the process.

If you don’t see “ Engineer Mode ” on your screen, you can also download the “ MTK Engineering Mode ” app and choose the “ MTK Settings ” option.

On the other hand, if you still do not see the phrase ” CDS Information ” on your device, you can access another similar route where you must choose other alternatives to change the IMEI number. To perform this procedure, observe the steps that will be described below:

  1. Enter * # * # 3646633 # * # * on your phone.
  2. In the ” Engineer Menu ” and the ” Telephony ” tab, select ” GPRS “.
  3. At the top, you will see ” SIM1 ” and ” SIM2 “. If you only have one chip, only ” SIM1 ” will appear. Choose the card of your preference and enter the IMEI of your preference.
  4. Then press “ Write IMEI ”.

With Root

When you root the phone, it means that it has been enabled to access the Operating System with administrator rights and options. In other words, you will have access to the system settings thanks to the changes that can be made in the cell phone programming.

In view of this, many applications (both outside and inside the Play Store) offer services to change the IMEI randomly or manually, among them we can mention IMEI Changer and Xposed Installer. You must have both apps downloaded and installed on your device, then follow these steps:

  1. Dial the code * # 06 #. Observe and write down the IMEI that appears on your screen.
  2. Open “ Xposed Installer APK ” and, in the modules, select the “ IMEI Changer ” box.
  3. Restart your phone.
  4. Enter ” IMEI Changer App “.
  5. Enter the new IMEI number in “ New IMEI No. ”.
  6. Press ” Apply ” and restart the device again.
  7. If you want to check the changes made, call * # 06 #.

Applications to change IMEI

Applications are tools that make it possible to simplify the tasks to be carried out within the smartphone. Therefore, there is a great diversity of apps that work to facilitate access to certain procedures. One of these processes is changing the IMEI number to a cell phone with or without root.

For Root Phones

Among the most recommended applications to change the IMEI of a rooted cell phone are “ Ghost Phone ” and “ App Terminal Emulator for Android ”. Both tools fulfill the function of altering the IMEI code in devices that have access to the administrator settings, that is, that have had a root process.

” App Terminal Emulator for Android ” works similarly to ” MTK Engineering Mode ” but is more direct. When opening the app you must enter the command AT + EGMR = 1,7, “your IMEI number” and, in the middle of the quotation marks, enter the new IMEI. Then enter the code ” > / dev / pttycmd1 “, and restart the phone to finish the process.

For its part, Ghost Phone is an application with a simple interface in which the ” Engineer Mode ” does not apply to change the IMEI. Additionally, it offers relevant information about the device such as the current IMEI code, model, and brand of the device, among others. To use this method, you just have to perform the steps that will be detailed below:

  1. Download ” Ghost Phone “.
  2. When downloading the app, the tool will ask for superuser permissions which you will have to allow to continue.
  3. The app will ask you to make a backup copy. Press ” Ok”.
  4. Go to the ” IMEI ” tab.
  5. Press the ” More ” icon (+).
  6. Press the crossed arrows icon to have the system search for a random IMEI for you.
  7. Press the ” Save ” icon and select ” Ok “.
  8. Restart your cell phone.
  9. Dial * # 06 # to check and confirm your new IMEI number.

For cell phones without Root

In the Google Play store, you will find different application options to change the IMEI number without having to use the root process. Among them is “ Quick Shortcut Maker ”, an app that allows access to different and unusual options on the phone. Once you download it to your phone you must press the option ” Activities ” and then ” Prize IMEI “.

These options are available for some Android models. There is currently no up-to-date list of supported devices. In view of this, you should test the application and see if the option appears in the menu.

As you can detail, you have several methods to change the IMEI number of your cell phone with or without root. Regardless of the reason why you need to make this decision, most of these procedures are quick, but you need to be detailed and careful with the execution of the steps to avoid causing irreversible damage to the device.

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