The Google notes app is updated with dark mode

The Google notes app is updated with dark mode

Google Keep, the Google notes app has been updated with a long-awaited novelty, dark mode or night mode.

One of the most expected features of Android 10 Q is the inclusion of a dark mode itself, not like the one currently used by Android Pie.

How to activate dark mode in any application with Android 10

 Google notes app

It is expected that this system will see the light in the form of stable version in August so that Google has a few months to finish updating all its applications to be compatible with the dark mode of Android Q. In the launch of the apps or at least the most relevant, should have an option to activate dark tones.

We already know that this is possible to force it in all applications in Android 10 but we also know that there are some faults in the colors and that is not something that Google can afford.

Google notes app keep updated with dark mode

The last application that has been updated with this interface has been Google keep, the Google notes app.

As you can see in the screenshots that some users have been able to make, the interface changes completely having a black background with a sidebar of the same color and with accent colors in blue. In the Settings section, we will have a new option to manually activate the dark mode if we want.

In addition, if we have activated this mode, the widget that we can put on the desk will also have dark tones with a black strip with icons in gray and a lower area in a translucent gray.

That is the only novelty of this update since the rest of the Google notes app continues to work the same.

At the moment the update is being server-side, so in addition to having installed the latest version, the that we can download from APK Mirror, we should expect Google to give us access to the changes.

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