FRAG Pro Shooter, a new team shooter at the top of Google Play

FRAG Pro Shooter, a new team shooter at the top of Google Play

PUBG and Fortnite have marked a trend in mobile games and have not lacked clones and games with a similar concept. FRAG Pro Shooter is another mobile multiplayer game, although in this case competing in teams, more in the style of Brawl Stars.

The game is available in Android and iOS, although it is in the operating system of the green robot where it is having more success: during the weekend it has reached the fourth global position and second in Google Play games in Spain. We have tried it and we tell you what it is.

FRAG Pro Shooter

Attack or Defend

FRAG Pro Shooter is a game in which there is a lot of shooting with each other, but the main objective of the game is not to kill yourself or be the last survivor as in the popular Battle Royale mode, but to obtain the highest score before that time runs out. For this you can kill the enemy soldiers, yes, but also defend or attack strategic points.

The battles are by teams. A blue team and a red team face each other on a map in which each team has its own base. And that base has three strategic points, marked with a target, that the local team must protect and the enemies will try to destroy to gain valuable points.

The player decides what is more convenient: if he prefers to attack in the search for extra points or if he prefers to stay in base defending the strategic points so that they are not destroyed by the enemies. Touching on the screen you can choose if you attack or defend.

If you die, “nothing happens”

Another difference with the Battle Royale games is that, even if you die, you can continue playing. At that time you can take control of another player of the team that is alive or wait for the same character you were using to be available again.

Here is where the game also enters the lineup, as you must choose who makes up your team from the available heroes and that you have unlocked. All the players that you do not control are automatically controlled by “the machine”, so the longer it takes to resuscitate the longer it will take your team to have a human at the controls.

FRAG Pro Shooter

With some role appearances and many chests

FRAG Pro Shooter is a game for mobile, and that nowadays is practically synonymous with micro transactions, that although they are not obligatory to continue playing, they are very present. There are coins, diamonds, seasonal passes and many chests whose content you do not know until you open it. Yes, they are ‘loot boxes’.

These chests must first be unlocked (if you want to do it earlier, you need to pay in diamonds) and then open (you also need to pay in diamonds). Considering that this is a way to obtain the necessary cards to have new heroes or improve the ones you already have, it seems a somewhat greedy system.

Pretty entertaining

Even with everything, if you like this kind of games, in this case FRAG Pro Shooter is a game designed from the beginning for mobile, and it shows. It is not uncomfortable to play, move or aim with the mobile (the game gives you a hand in this regard, it shoots only), and the games can be quite exciting if the rivals are balanced.

At the moment it seems that the game is having very good reception on Google Play, where it has an average score of 4.5 with 30,000 reviews and has already exceeded one million downloads. It is now the second most popular game on Google Play, surpassed, by the way, by Brawl Stars.

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