Fix black screen problems on Windows

Fix black screen problems on Windows

The problem most encountered by users who have switched from an old version of Windows to the current Windows 10 is that of the black screen, today with this guide we will explain how to solve black screen problems on Windows 10. This guide will provide simple tricks to solve black screen problems on Windows 10.

Fix black screen after Windows 10 login

Let’s start with the simplest procedure: if Windows 10 shows the login screen and the screen goes black after choosing the desired user and after entering the password, the first procedure to follow is to disconnect all connected external hardware devices. If after disconnecting a device the Windows screen is no longer black you will have found the cause of the problem.

To resolve the appearance of the black screen in Windows 10, usually just visit the hardware manufacturer’s website and then download and install the updated driver. Most of the time to solve black screen problems on Windows 10 just go to the hardware site that causes the black screen to appear. In the event that the disconnection of the various external devices does not resolve the problem, the advice is to start Windows 10 in safe mode.

Once in the Windows 10 safe mode, we will have to access the Control Panel of the operating system by pressing the key combination Windows + X, selecting Control Panel and then Display.

From here, by clicking on Change screen settings, you need to verify that Windows 10 uses the correct resolution.

If this intervention does not solve the black screen problems on Windows, we can try to uninstall the video card drivers.

We press Windows + X first and choose the Device management option from the menu.

At this point, double-click on Video cards, right-click on the name of the graphics card and then select the Uninstall command.

Restarting Windows 10 all the graphics card drivers should automatically reinstall and everything should work again.

Applications such as UXStyle and StartIsBack can cause system problems. To get everything back to normal it is recommended to uninstall them.

Fix black screen before Windows 10 login

If the black screen appears before the Windows login screen we will have to enter the safe mode of Windows 10.

Windows 10 by default does not support safe mode with F8 during boot, so we recommend rebooting the machine a couple of times when the Windows logo appears.

After a couple of forced reboots, the message preparing automatic recovery as in the picture should appear under the Windows 10 logo and wait.

At this point, just click on the Advanced Options button, then on Troubleshooting and follow the instructions in the guide below to access the Windows 10 safe mode.

We suggest to try, one after the other, the following interventions attempting to restart Windows 10 after each step and returning to safe mode in case of failure:

The first tip is to press the key combination Windows + R then type powercfg.cpl . Click on Specify Power Button Behavior and choose Change Currently Unavailable Settings and turn off the check mark on Enable Quick Start.

The second suggestion is to update the video card drivers by downloading the most updated ones from the Nvidia or AMD website (if you have dedicated video cards).

The last advice if you still don’t have to solve the problem, is to try to reset the PC by typing. Reset the PC in the search bar of Windows 10 and clicking on the button To start.

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