Discord: 21+ tricks to get the most out of your conversations

Discord: 21+ tricks to get the most out of your conversations

Today we bring you a selection of 21 Discord tricks so you can squeeze one of the world’s leading communication applications gamer. It is a kind of free Slack aimed at players can organize their games and chat while playing, but can be used in many other contexts.

As we always do, we will propose tricks of different levels. Some will be as simple as using basic functions that may not be as visible, and others are a bit more elaborate, like the code you have to use to give different formats to the text in your messages.

1. Use the official applications

Discord is a service that can be used quite easily through its website, which allows you to use it in almost any operating system. However, and as is usual in this type of services, it also has several native applications with which you can have an experience better adapted to your computer or smartphone.

In fact, Discord can boast of having all the versions you may need. On the desktop you have applications for Windows, for macOS and even for GNU / Linux in the .deb and tar.gz formats. As for mobile devices, you have versions for Android in Google Play and for iOS in your App Store.

2. Search for servers to join

Discord is an application based on its servers, each of which is like a completely different IRC, with its own channels, administrators, bots and people. There are even those who have their own particular rules. Therefore, to start taking advantage of the application one of the first steps you must take is to explore servers that you like.

In pages like Discord.me, Disboard.org, Discordservers.com or Discordea.net you can navigate between several options, and when you click on a specific server there will be a link that takes you to the screen of accepting invitation of the platform, in which you will only have to press the Accept Invitation button to access the server.

3. And if not, create your own server

Of course, another option is to create your own Discord server, an environment in which to organize with your friends and invite new people to join your community. This application was created primarily to make player communities, but you can also create other channels that go beyond video games.

To create your own server, use the column on the left, which is where the servers to which you are connected appear. Press the sum icon, and choose the Create server option on the screen that will be shown to you. You can choose a name and several aspects of the server, and as soon as you think you will be given a link with an invitation to send whoever you want to join.

4. Mark a channel like NSFW

As we have told you in the previous points, you are going to be able to create a server with the theme you want, which means that it is possible that in some of the channels you can share adult content, considered “No Safe For Work” “(NSFW). If this is the case, to avoid problems or misunderstandings, it is best to let these channels alert you from the beginning of the type of content that could be found in them.

When you mark a channel like NSFW, Discord will automatically ask whoever wants to enter to verify that they are of legal age. To do so, click on the gear icon to the right of the name of each channel to edit it. In the editing options, within the Summary section, you can activate the Channel NSFW option.

5. Create roles to manage each channel

If you have an especially large server, you may want to delegate and organize well who can control and manage each of the channels. You can do it with role management, an option that you will find when you click on the gear icon to the right of the name of each channel, and within the Permissions section of the channel configuration.

In permissions, you can add individual users or create roles by assigning multiple users to each of them. Then, in these roles or individual users that you have added, you can grant permissions to manage the channel, create invitations for the server, modify the permissions or edit the channel by changing its name or deleting it.


6. Make a channel where only a few can read or write

And with this role function there is something else quite interesting that you can do, especially if you want to create a channel for administrators in which what is written only read it or can write certain people. To do this, go back to the channel configuration and go to the Permissions section, what you need is in the Text Permissions section.

As you can see, the first two permissions are to read messages or send messages. This allows you, for example, to make sure that nobody but certain people can read the messages of a channel, or even that only the chosen ones can write on it. The latter is useful, for example, for a broadcast channel where you can communicate things without the noise that would cause other users to speak.

7. Limit the user’s writing interval

Another very curious configuration that you can do in the settings of each channel is the so-called Slowmode setting. It is a bar in which you have to mark a certain period of time. By doing so, users will not be able to write more than one message in the time period that you have set.

This can be useful to keep the conversation leisurely, or in cases where several people chat like parrots and are flooding the text channel at such a speed that other users find it difficult to follow the conversation.

8. Do not stop using voice chat and video calls

One of the great advantages and incentives that this application has is that of its voice chat function. When you create a channel you can configure it to be a voice, so that those who enter can use their microphone to communicate instead of writing. These chats differ from the others because they have the icon of a speaker next to the name of the channel.

This feature allows you to convert Discord into a good ally during your online games, since being in a voice chat while you play you can communicate with your teammates and design your strategies. It is one of the things that have made Discord great.

You will also be able to make video conferences if you prefer, so that Discord can not only be useful when playing but also to meet and see your faces with colleagues in the domestic or even professional. This is one of the functions that should be of most concern to applications such as Skype.

9. You can also share your screen

But video calls are not only good for seeing your colleagues and friends when you talk to them, they can also be useful to teach them things. In this context, Discord also allows you to share your desktop with other users, so they can see what you are doing on the computer.

To do so, when you have started a video chat move the mouse to the bottom of the screen to display options. To the left of the disconnect button you will see two, one to turn your webcam on and off and another option to Start share screen. In the left column of your server, where the channels are, you will also see below an option to automatically start sharing your screen.

10. Limit the users and quality of voice channels

The problem with voice chats is that they need more bandwidth, especially if you want them to have an optical sound quality. Therefore, when you enter the configuration of one of these channels you will see a setting called bit rate, and with which you can give the audio more or less quality so that you need a better or worse connection.

There is also another setting called the user limit. In this way, if you do not want the room to be filled with too many people talking at once you can set a limit that can be between 1 and 99 users.

11. The bots can also give you a lot of play

Discord also has a bot system with which you can add different types of automatisms to the channels of your server. They are like the bots of other applications such as Slack or Telegram, and you can look for them in some pages very similar to those used to search for servers.

You can enter pages like Bots on Discord, Discord Bot List or Carbonitex and search there Bots and links from which to add them to your server. You will also find information about each bot that goes from its description to the number of servers in which it has been installed.

12. An example, the bot to organize draws

Imagine that you have a large server, with many participants, or that you want to make a promotion to attract more people through a raffle through the server. For this you can take advantage of GiveawayBot. With it, you can create, organize and end raffles very quickly and without anyone being accused of fixing them.

13. Adapt the bots to your server by changing their name

The bot system goes a little beyond inviting them to your server and letting them simply do their job. If you want to maintain, for example, a thematic server, you may prefer that the new bot you have invited has a name that is more in keeping with the site to which you have taken it. For that, Discord also allows you to change the name of the bots to call them as you wish.

All you have to do is press a right click on the bot to which you want to change the name. A pop-up menu will appear with multiple options, among which is the Change nickname. You can also mute the bot if you want to temporarily turn it off, or click on Edit note to write something in your profile that all who consult it read.

14. Launch from Discord any installed game

One of the innovations that Discord recently incorporated is a game launcher. This is complemented by the titles you have installed, including the games you have on Steam, Origin or other platforms, and allows you to launch them directly from the application. Obviously, you can also launch the ones you buy from your own store.

All you have to do is open Discord, and on the same Activity page that you arrive directly, you will already be shown the games you have installed in the Quick Launcher section. You can also click on the Library section, which is where you will be listed each and every one of the games you have installed.

15. Control what Discord displays on your screen

Discord has a feature called Overlay, and when you’re playing something, some elements of the application appear on the screen. For example, the avatars of the rest of the users of the server with which you are speaking, their user names or related notifications. All this you can decide if to show it or not, and stipulate in what corner of the screen you want it to appear.

To configure all this, click on the gear icon next to your username below on the right. You will enter the user settings, where you must enter the Overlay option. Here you can activate or deactivate it, configure the key combination to show it, decide if you want it to always be displayed, only when the users you speak with speak or never, their names and avatars. You can also decide the corner where you want everything to appear.

16. Group mentions to communicate important things

If you want to communicate something to all the members of a channel on your server, you have two ways of doing it. You can write @here before a sentence to notify all who are connected to the channel where you write it, or you can write @everyone followed by the text so that the notification reaches everyone, connected or not connected.

17. Use markdown to format the text

If you are familiar with markdown there is good news for you, since you can use the same codes to edit your conventional text in Discord chat. This means that with only certain codes before and at the end of words or phrases you will be able to leave them underlined, in bold, italic, and many other combinations that you can see in the image above.

18. It also serves to add links or code boxes

Implement markdown when allowing you to write your texts gives you hundreds of possibilities when writing. For example, you can write a text in which you enter a link within a word so that you do not need to see the link to part. To do so, you only have to type in brackets the word that is going to act as a link, and just after that in parentheses, the link address. You can see an example in the capture.

In the same way, you will also be able to send code boxes. You can write them by putting a comma upside down at the beginning and end of a sentence, or three if they are several paragraphs. This can help you share code if you are talking to developers, but also as a method to give a somewhat more special format to some important communication.

19. Anchor or edit your messages

We have all said things that we have regretted after a few minutes. For those cases, Discord offers you the possibility to edit the messages you have written whenever you want. To do this, click on an icon with three points that you have to the right of the text you want to change. A small menu will appear with an Edit button. When you press it, you can modify the text you have written.

If you have the appropriate permissions or you are the administrator of the server, in this small menu you will also see the option to Anchor. With it, the text will be fixed at the top of the channel so that it is never deleted and is always accessible to everyone.

20. You connect your accounts in other services for extra functions

Discord not only has support for bots, several automatisms or your game catalog in another service. You can also connect your Spotify, YouTube or Twitch accounts, as well as other services such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Blizzard, Skype and more. Each of these services will help you implement new functions within your servers.

To do so, you have to click on the gear icon next to your profile on the left in the Discord application. Once inside, go to the Connections option to see all available services. Now, click on the icon of the service you want to link so that you can open a web in the browser from which to give Discord permission to access the data you need to make it work.

21. Keyboard shortcuts

And finally, as it could not be otherwise, we leave you a series of keyboard shortcuts with which to have a more direct control over Discord without depending on the mouse. You can view the keyboard shortcut guide by pressing Control + / at the same time , and in doing so you will see a screen like the screenshot above, where you will be told all the shortcuts for your operating system.

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