Corsair Hydro X: Custom liquid systems for everyone, easy to choose and customize!

Corsair Hydro X: Custom liquid systems for everyone, easy to choose and customize!

Corsair has announced the availability of the Hydro X Series, a simplified platform for the creation of high performance and at the same time simple to configure liquid systems.

Corsair today announced the launch of the long awaited series of Hydro X Series advanced liquid kits, designed for cooling CPUs and GPUs on enthusiast systems. The Hydro X series is composed of water block for CPU and graphics card, a pump / tank, finishes, pipes, radiators and coolant, so as to offer enthusiasts everything they need to assemble an extraordinary custom cooling circuit that allows them to lower system temperatures and improve performance while offering RGB lighting.

The company claims to have tested all the parts “in a rigorous way to ensure maximum reliability and stability”, and does not lack integration with the CORSAIR iCUE software that allows you to manage the fan and pump speeds in a meticulous way (and also automated) and of course also customize the backlight of the system.

Corsair Hydro X

Hydro X Series has the ability to cool any modern desktop CPU using the range of XC7 and XC9 RGB water blocks. Thanks to the nickel-plated copper cooling plate, to over 70 high-efficiency micro-cooling fins and to the pre-applied thermal material, it ensures adequate cooling performance with any type of load. The 16 individually adjustable RGB LEDs and a transparent flow chamber also add stylistic aggressiveness that seems particularly pleasing to the most exuberant assemblers.

The XG7 RGB waterblock range for video cards is designed to fit a wide range of high-end graphics cards, including the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 series. XG7 blocks are total conversion solutions designed to improve the style and performance of the graphics card, with an aluminum backplate and integrated RGB lighting. The thermal plates and the pre-applied material also aim to make installation quick and easy.

The combined pump / tank system XD5 RGB ensures a constant flow of liquid to the entire circuit. There are also RGB LEDs here: we have ten, all mounted in the upper part to illuminate the tank, while the integrated temperature sensor monitors the refrigerant in real time from inside the cooling circuit.

The Hydro X Series range also includes all the other components to complete the cooling system: radiators with a 120 mm to 480 mm copper core, flexible and rigid pipes, fittings with a variety of corner adapters to accommodate all types of pipes, in addition to several brightly tested refrigerant colors. The Hydro X Series is designed to fit perfectly in Corsair homes and beyond and, thanks to the standard G1 / 4 fittings, is compatible with many commercially available third-party cooling components.

Corsair Hydro X

The main components of the Hydro X Series feature a vibrant integrated RGB LED lighting that can be customized using the Corsair iCUE RGB controller and Corsair iCUE software. Thanks to iCUE it is possible to connect all CORSAIR compatible components and peripherals in a single interface, allowing you to create synchronized lighting effects for the entire system or to take advantage of the lighting integrated with compatible games.

Hydro X Series allows more fans to approach the world of custom PC cooling systems. The assembly of a custom cooling system has long been considered as an exclusive project for experienced users. Thanks to the pre-applied thermal material and heat plates, easy-to-follow installation video tutorials and a dedicated customer support service available 24/7, the Hydro X Series offers an easy and accessible route for novice and experienced users, enabling them to exploit lower system temperatures and show off the look of a customized system.

To easily determine the exact components needed for any system, the custom cooling configurator is now available online on the Corsair website. Simply enter the main hardware components in the configurator, and this will compile a complete list of the Hydro X Series components needed for a custom cooling circuit that fits every PC.

Availability, warranty and prices

Corsair Hydro X Series is available immediately in the online store of the company, and will be available in the coming weeks at the network of authorized dealers and distributors worldwide.

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