Control: Remedy’s new metroidvania with supernatural destructive powers

Control: Remedy’s new metroidvania with supernatural destructive powers

Alan Wake or Quantum Break are some of the latest works developed by Remedy Entertainment. Two titles that can boast of having a great quality, something that the company intends to repeat with Control, its new video game that was announced in the last edition of E3 and that it plans to reach stores within a few months.

Throughout this time we have seen several trailers and gameplays to take a look at the proposal of this action adventure that looks pretty good. Luckily we had the opportunity to try a small preview this week thanks to an event that has made 505 Games, the one in charge of its distribution.

The demo was not particularly long to last 20 minutes, but at least it helped us to get an idea of what the new Remedy will bring us and what we are going to tell you next.


A building in which there are paranormal events

Explaining the Control argument is somewhat complicated, since Remedy has not wanted to go into too much detail so far. What we do know is that all the events will take place at the secret Federal Bureau of Control in New York. For some reason the director has passed away and all the employees of this place have lost control of their minds and their bodies.

So we will find many people floating through the air, but the only one that seems to have not affected all this has been Jesse Faden, our protagonist and the new director, who will aim to find out what exactly is happening and in turn return Control to normality.

Along the way we will run into some soldiers from the building who will become our biggest enemies, as well as other paranormal entities called The Hiss. And it is not only that all kinds of beings begin to appear against which we must fight. Is that the building itself will become a place of the most unusual with portals that will move us to parallel dimensions.


For example, one of the weirdest rooms we found was one whose corridors opened and closed as we passed and were led by others in the form of a labyrinth. This is only a small example, because the rest of the areas we visited were completely different between them, with their own setting, colors that characterized them and other visual aspects.

However, the agency we cannot go at our whim from the beginning, because the game is a kind of metroidvania in the sense that we must get new skills to open our way through the different rooms that we are finding. Therefore, Remedy will not leave us this time with a linear adventure and instead will bet more on exploring environments.

We do not know how heavy the story will be in this whole affair, given that the demo focused more on the gameplay than on anything else, which makes us believe that Remedy still prefers to reserve all the details in order to launch it and unveil great surprises. What is certain is that it is going to be a very strange and mysterious game.


The supernatural powers of Jesse

Everything that will happen in the building is out of the ordinary, as will happen with Jesse’s skills. For some reason our heroine will have adopted a series of supernatural powers that will grant her extraordinary abilities and with which she will gradually become a killing machine, because we assure you that it will be extremely devastating.

In the demo we had unlocked a large part of these skills. However, Remedy has already warned us that most of them will be obtained and refined as we move forward, like good metroidvania. Thus we will be able to fly through the air at our whim for a few seconds or interact with the elements that we have around us.


This last will allow us to grab any object that we have in sight and launch it against our enemies. Also, we will be able to raise fragments of the ground and create a shield with them to protect us from impacts and bullets, as well as being able to throw these stones. As if that were not enough, we can also stop missiles and return them or even control the minds of our opponents to help us.

The use of skills will not be unlimited and we must be aware of a resistance bar that will be exhausted if we use them too much. That does not mean that in that case we remain unprotected, because Jesse has a devastating gun with different types of shots whose bullets we can alternate at any time from the menu. All of them will be infinite, so that each one will be able to choose the ones that best suit their style of play.


In that sense we must recognize that Control offers us a high level of personalization when it comes to choosing how we want our weapon or the improvements we want to equip Jesse according to the special objects that we collect on the fly.

All the action will happen in third person and the truth is that the moments of action are very well achieved by the entertaining that is to unleash the skills of our protagonist, especially when the stage begins to shatter with so much effect, explosions, the objects that we throw, etc. Perhaps artificial intelligence could be improved more because it did not pose any challenge at any time, something that we hope will be corrected in the final version.

In short, the gameplay of Control has enchanted us and how we should go using some powers or others as we wish or to solve the puzzles of some rooms. What is clear is that Jesse will be a beast and we will have a great time doing atrocities with her shooting at everything that moves, throwing debris or also plummeting at full speed against the enemies.

About the story we have to see what Remedy surprises us with, but with its latest videogames it has not disappointed us and it does not seem that this will be the exception that confirms the rule. On August 27 we will discover it when Control is released for sale on PS4, Xbox One and PC with its standard edition and its different special and collector’s editions.

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