The big changes in computer cybersecurity

The big changes in computer cybersecurity

During 2018, some of the pre-requisites and trends for computer cybersecurity applications were mentioned and currently in 2019, we see that they are fulfilling with great notoriety and in their entirety.

In 2018, data and privacy within the world of cyber-security have been the main protagonists, selected by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and by the numerous security breaches. Computer cybersecurity professionals constantly investigate the changes in computer cybersecurity, pointing out the most outstanding ones and therefore, the ones that will mark us the most.

Research involves great changes in computer cybersecurity for users

computer cybersecurity

During 2018 there was an increase in information gaps that is the theft of data. Actually, they have invested a great amount of time in improving data protection for users. The great concern for privacy has caused users to complain to companies in what state of protection is your information. The users are making a great use of the rights over their personal data and they value those companies that offer them additional protection when they carry out their activity on the internet.

In 2018, artificial intelligence as a point of attack was not a type of technology for computer cybersecurity, to achieve the automation of detection.

This type of technology is in the hands of cybercriminals. According to Entelgy Innotec Cybersecurity, during 2019 artificial intelligence was going to be placed in the form of programmed algorithms to optimize decision making and actions.

Another change that was predicted for 2019 was the custom that society has to use electric vehicles and to use the connectivity of their cars. In this way, the user experience is improved, but it also entails risks related to cybersecurity. But connectivity can cause risks to the vehicle and other elements, such as chargers, which can cause an overload of energy, causing the network to which it is connected to fall and damaging other devices connected to the network.

And finally, I will mention about the trend of mobile devices, which negatively cause risks for the security of a company. The risk is that employees of an organization can receive the introduction of malware on their phone and as a result, access to the corporate network.

The computer ciberseguridad should not be indispensable in our lives, we must follow those changes and trends experts and professionals in this sector, we communicate and indicate.

Applying adequate and trained protection to detect and eliminate possible threats. We can obtain excellent applications for our computer cybersecurity.

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