Should you buy a refurbished phone?

Should you buy a refurbished phone?

It may happen that the phone you like is not exactly within your reach, in economic terms. If you have discarded the used hypothesis, since you do not trust the indications of a private individual, you may instead find the idea of buying a regenerated smartphone interesting. Many, especially on the web, are the online stores that sell this type of product. But should you buy a refurbished phone?

If you just make it a question of price, the answer is certainly yes. However, there are several aspects to consider if you choose this option. More than anything, it is important to understand what the regeneration of a mobile phone means. Read on and you’ll find out everything.

Should you buy a refurbished phone? Buying Guide

First of all, let’s try to understand the features of a regenerated smartphone. This is not a device used in the usual sense of the word. But not even a new device.

A reconditioned telephone is essentially a used or faulty product, which is repaired and restored to conditions similar to the new one. The device will be put on the market only after a series of tests with positive results.

On an aesthetic level, signs of wear may remain. Although, generally, we also replace screens and covers.

This is why, at the price level, a reconditioned phone costs much less than a new smartphone, but more and more of a used device.

Among the best selling re-manufactured cell phones, there are obviously the iPhone. The iPhone by are the most popular among those users who, while aiming for a high-quality, latest-generation and fashionable device, are not willing to spend exorbitant amounts.

The regeneration degrees of a reconditioned smartphone

There are various degrees of regeneration for a mobile phone. We can essentially distinguish three categories: A, B and C. What are the differences?

Grade A

These are semi-new or like new products. They are delivered in original box, complete with accessories. Generally, they are still under warranty and tend to be 3 to 12 months old. The phone appears in perfect condition, both aesthetic and hardware-wise.

Grade B

This category includes all smartphones delivered in neutral packaging. They may have some scratches or other signs of wear. Generally, these products are no longer under warranty. However, they are accompanied by a new warranty from the seller.

Grade C

In this case, regeneration is much more like used than new. The battery and the bodywork have not been replaced and the warranty is no longer valid. These are essentially products brought back to their original condition for what concerns the software and nothing more.

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