Avoid these 5 errors when you charge your smartphone!

Avoid these 5 errors when you charge your smartphone!

Some simple mistakes can have a huge impact on battery life. If you do not know the right steps to recharge the phone, probably every time you have the opportunity, connect it to the charger and stop. However, loading a cell phone correctly means following specific “rules”. Here are the 5 most commonly made mistakes when you charge your smartphone!

Some batteries can be recharged a limited number of times. Once they reach their limit, they begin to deteriorate. Although there are some applications that help you optimize battery life, you should follow some good “charging rules” to get the most out of the battery. The batteries can be of 3 types …

  • Nickel-cadmium
  • Lithium polymers
  • Lithium ion

Each has its own unique features, so they need to be handled differently. Now let’s see how to better charge your smartphone.

5 mistakes you make when you charge your smartphone

charge your smartphone

1) Leave the mobile phone (fully charged) still charging

Regarding the correct top-up method. In any case, if the phone is 100% charged, be sure to unplug it. If you prolong the charge, you risk damaging the battery and reducing its performance.

This rule applies above all to those who are used to leaving their mobile phones overnight. This type of charging puts the battery under heavy stress. So once you reach 100% you need to take a break to avoid excessive stress.

2) Charge your smartphone with the cover

I know, it sounds strange, but it’s a mistake. How many of us leave the phone to load with the cover still mounted? I believe everyone, including me. Obviously, for a matter of comfort and time, we tend to leave the cover on the phone during each recharge. The problem is that in this way, while the battery is being charged, too much heat is generated which leads to the device overheating.

Next time, if you want to increase battery life, try removing the case first. In this way the excess heat will be dissipated correctly and you will extend the life of your phone! (I know, it is boring to remove the case every time, but 2/3 times a week I highly recommend it).

3) Completely discharge the mobile phone and then recharge it

Lithium batteries do not need to discharge completely before being charged.

A good habit would be to connect the phone to the charger when the charge is around 50%. Lithium ion batteries “float” and become unpredictable when the charge drops considerably.

To avoid running out of energy, I recommend you always carry a power bank with you.

4) Bet (constantly) at 100% charge

If you always keep your phone connected to the charger, to keep the charge level high, stop as soon as possible. It sounds strange, but it serves no purpose and at most it will damage your cell phone.

A smartphone works efficiently if the battery level is between 30% and 80%. So don’t be obsessed with reaching the maximum charge level, it won’t change much.

5) Use the wrong charger

Always remember that it is preferable to use the charger supplied with the phone. It is not a foregone or trivial statement. I know many people who use the first wall charger, or not, who find it. The batteries are equipped with some preset charging circuits. These circuits regulate the charging speed and calculate the optimal amount of energy for the battery. When you are away from home, always keep an emergency powerbank close at hand.

Using another charger makes the situation much worse because it risks damaging the battery and greatly reducing its life.

Do you use an economical charger compatible with your smartphone? Attention, because you run the risk of overloading the mobile phone. Always choose quality products and officers!

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