Apps Every Student Needs

Apps Every Student Needs

As a student have to operate with limited resources. The whole college experience hangs on getting the best out of the little resources that you have. One of the essential resources that you have can be your smartphone. It is essential to use your smartphone most efficiently. You can get more information concerning this topic on the master thesis writing service.

  1. 15 Minute recipe

Students barely have the time to cook or enough time to learn how to cook. It is mainly because some students do not know how to cook or the schoolwork is a lot, and they cannot fit time in between to cook. This free app gives you foods that you prepare quickly and doesn’t need much experience.

The app has thousands of recipes that cook in a few minutes. The app has the option of filtering depending on the ingredients that you have. The app is fitted with an inbuilt timer, and also every recipe shows the number of calories in it. The downside is the app is only found on the google play store and is not yet available for Apple users.

  1. Realbyte

One of the resources that students struggle with and is the most critical is money. It is not easy to be a good steward of your resources, especially with all the pressures that college life brings. But there is a way that can help you keep track and cut back on how you spend your money and also budget. For this purpose, the RealByte does the job.

The app has tons of features. You can add expenses whenever you want. You have the option of arranging your data depending on the source and have multiple accounts as well. The app boasts a comprehensive dashboard. You can see your transactions, balances, and filters access details in specific.

You can also attach your receipts to the app. And for a comprehensive view, you can use a browser to load Realbyte.

  1. Microsoft OneNote

The OneNote acts as the ultimate digital notebook. Dealing with tons of notes, using OneNote, you can manage them. Create subsections and also have the ability to share with your peers. You can add pictures and, with the built-in tools, annotate them. You can doodle if you have a stylus.

OneNote also boasts other features and utilities that are ideal for the needs of the students. It includes audio inputs, cross-platform sync, web clippings, etc. OneNote is free and used across nearly all platforms.

  1. Google’s Productivity Suite

It is one app that you need in your arsenal. It comes in handy, especially if you regularly collaborate with colleagues. All the products are free, and you can sync data across seamlessly.

The suite has an app to take care of any of our needs for the day. These apps include Google Keep, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and more. Some more apps include science journals, which someone can log observations and results from experiments.

  1. TickTick

Navigating through many tasks during the day and having tons of pending things to do is something unavoidable for many students. TickTick helps you keep a schedule and deal with the pending things. Apart from helping in task management, it also provides productivity tools to plan all you’re with little or no hassle. Depending on the specific task, you can create different lists, subtasks, add notes, and collaborate.

  1. Forest 

As much as phones can be helpful, they can also be a distraction. The app that helps you prioritize what’s important. It has a gamified timer that it employs when you put your phone down.

When you don’t spend time with the phone, forest plants a seed, the plant grows every time you are away from the phone, and the plant dies if you break the rule.

The cool thing about the forest is every time you gather enough points. The forest team plants a tree in real life.


As a student, you need an organized student life. Some of these apps will help you organize your life. It is an exhaustive list. Some other apps include Alarmy, Adobe Scan, iStudiez Pro, Brainly, Education Apps, etc. Get an app that works for you.

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