Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networks

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networks

The popularity of social networking is really great these days. Both developers and users have noticed this. Despite this, people still cannot imagine what are the advantages and disadvantages of social networks. Now everything would be so difficult to deal with without social networks and online communication. But is this a good or bad trend?

In this article, we will try to help answer this question and we will also give tips so that you enjoy only the good side of social networks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networks

Advantages of Social Networks

  1. Social networks provide us with a great facility for communication, as they allow connections with a lot of people, regardless of whether they are in the same city as us or in another country. It’s no secret that virtual communication has become much more attractive to many people. In times of social updating, a lot of people are lonely, and for them, online communication is essential.
  2. The search for old friends, family, etc. The social network gives us the possibility of finding people who have changed their city for a long time, colleagues and even family members. We can communicate with them on social networks and find them in real life. A few years ago, you could only dream of such a possibility.
  3. Meet new friends and meet new people. Social networks offer great opportunities for dating and also for friendship. Due to a large number of users, social networks provide the possibility for all members to discover friends according to their interests and hobbies.
  4. One of the best Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networks Amazing possibilities to find job offers. Social networks can be well used as internet ads and, looking at the number of visitors, are very effective ads.
  5. The possibility of participating in discussion groups is another positive aspect of social networks. There are groups that bring together people interested in exchanging information on a range of subjects, such as: illnesses, fan clubs, colleges, courses, books, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networks

The Disadvantages of Social Networks

  1. The information distributed in the social network can be used by anyone without the users being informed about it.
  2. Contact information can be used for spam.
  3. Sometimes social networks can even harm families and close relatives. The explanation here is simple: users who are very interested in social networks spend all their free time online and do not pay attention to the people around them. In this case, the hobby spoils real relationships.
  4. Parents should take care of the time their children spend on the internet and monitor what they are doing, to prevent them from being victims of malicious people, such as pedophiles.
  5. The addiction. A large number of people cannot go a day without visiting the social network. The absence of the internet becomes a disaster and people get addicted to online communication.
  6. Dissemination of false information is another problem that occurs in social networks. Many people read something somewhere or hear talk and share. This can take on gigantic proportions, even seriously damaging the victims of such lies.
  7. Many people often open up their lives on social networks. They tell where they live, where they travel, where their children study. All this can end up reaching the wrong people who can use this information to plan robberies, kidnappings, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networks

Social Networking + Smartphones: A Dangerous Combination

It may be that you have been scared by the title, for considering the act of checking the social networks by the cell phone a completely harmless act. The truth is that it is the way you do this that will define whether or not it is a dangerous combination.

Danger happens when people start to use their full attention on their cell phone when they should be aware of where they are. It is not difficult to find people moving on the cell phone while walking down the street, cycling, driving, and riding motorcycles. All of the above activities require attention, and a number of accidents can happen if you ignore the environment and focus only on the phone.

Although it seems harmless to read just a message on the WhatsApp while driving, be aware that within a second without looking at the traffic you can have a series of accidents, including road crashes, crashes on other cars, on walls, etc.

Is the risk of so many accidents worth it to read a simple message? Certainly not. So wait until you stop the car in a safe place to access your social networks and read or send messages. If possible, turn off the internet while driving or place the phone on the muffler. That way, you will not even be tempted to read any messages you receive.

How to realize Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networks

We need to make it clear that social networks are not villains, but without badly used can bring problems. To prevent it, check out our tips:

  1. Check information before sharing: It’s not because someone you trust has shared something that is true. Google is there to use, search, and just share once you’re sure.
  2. Do not expose your life: Be careful what you publish about your life and your family. You can always have someone bad by reading everything.
  3. Beware of cell phone access: Do not touch your cell phone to see your social networks while driving, cycling or walking. Expect to be able to stop and avoid accidents.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networks

Conclusion on Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networks

In general, an attitude in social networks may vary depending on the people and the situation itself. They have conquered a large part of the internet and developing more and more. Proof of this is every day new types of technology coming up and the use of a computer is being increasingly dropped and losing its place to smartphones.

Today, many people simply cannot imagine life without social networks, and the number of their members is still growing. However, the main question here is to find a way to use all the advantages that social networks give to everyone, but without forgetting the real life. If you understand the Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networks… you will find a way to survive.

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