5 Best alternative apps like Kodi

5 Best alternative apps like Kodi

Have you tried Kodi on your smartphone or on your Android TV Box but haven’t convinced you of its interface and features? Therefore you are here to looking for better alternative apps like Kodi to manage and organize multimedia content on PCs, movies and videos, even on the TV.

Kodi’s fortune is largely due to the large number of add-ons that can be installed (streaming, IPTV and media players) and the great level of interface customization, which makes it one of the best programs in the free media center scene, not by chance is ubiquitous in all TV Boxes sold online as the main app (complete with a dedicated icon).

Kodi is open source and, although this information might seem useless, the open code has led Kodi to be maintained by more and more developers over the years. But Kodi is not for everyone and many people may find it not easy to use, especially if they do not need the various additional plugins and instead want a simple program for organizing and viewing videos and movies stored in the computer or in a hard disk.

Here we find 5 best alternative apps like Kodi that can be downloaded to your PC or even as an app for your smartphone or tablet, to see multimedia content even on TV, equivalent to Kodi for all the basic features, to manage the viewing of movies and videos on PC, better and easier to use.

What are the differences between media servers, media centers and media players?

Before discovering what are the alternative apps like Kodi, I will explain in this section of the article the difference between the various types of programs designed to manage multimedia content on a PC or on another type of device (a NAS for example).

Here is the list of all types of software and their accurate description …

– Media server: This type of program indexes the contents to make them available to other devices connected to the LAN via DLNA or other streaming control technologies. The media server also retrieves information on the contents (for example film title, year of release, actors, plot, trailer etc.) and automatically marks the contents already seen.

– Media player: Program used to play the files in the local memory of the device or the contents of the network indexed through the Media server. It can also retrieve information on tracks not indexed by the media server.

– Media center: This program can display the contents already indexed by a Media server, to which it adds support for TV channels (IPTV or external tuner) and online streaming services. Compared to the media player, it is therefore oriented towards the reproduction of content “from multiple sources”.

– “Hybrid” media center: This type of program adapts to the needs of the user, becoming a media server, media player or media center.

5 alternative apps like Kodi

If possible try to choose an app from these alternative apps like Kodi, so that you can adapt it to all scenarios without having to install separate programs from time to time.

So, here then are the best alternative apps like Kodi …

1) Plex

In my opinion, the real alternative apps like Kodi from all points of view. This program is able to index the multimedia folders by content (Movies, TV Series, Music and Images) and to add all the information needed to best catalog all the files: going from the poster to the plot, the launch trailer and the name of the actors present.

In addition to the graphic aspect of the contents, Plex is able to automatically download and use subtitles on films in foreign languages (or with forced subtitles), it allows you to convert on the fly the files played on TV or on devices that are not compatible with a particular codec and to show content at the right quality based on screen resolution and network capacity.

The free features of Plex are supplied with its Media Server (which can be installed for free on Windows, Mac, Linux and other devices such as NAS), while in order to view the indexed content you can use the Plex apps for mobile devices, the apps for Smart Compatible TVs or a Chromecast.

Plex also offers a subscription service called Plex Pass, which allows you to see the contents indexed on the server away from home and to use the app for Android and iPhone without limits (which works in demonstration mode until you purchase the subscription).

2) Emby Media

Emby is also called “Open Media Solution” and certainly is not a random name. It works very similarly to Plex, but with the advantage of not having a “mysterious” proprietary code. Being a platform based on open-source software, Emby also uses the client-server mechanism. In practice, Emby makes it very easy to stream multimedia files on all connected devices. There is also some live TV feature that allows you to play with DVR recordings. Furthermore, parental control is an important component for families and this distinguishes Emby from the other platforms presented in this article.

Besides being free, Emby is also quite intelligent apps like Kodi: it recognizes the hardware capabilities of the different devices and reproduces the multimedia components accordingly. We were almost surprised by the orderly organization of video media that Emby assembles for us.

Once connected, it notifies users of important events based on their activity on the platform. The premium function (for a fee, however) allows access to backups and cinema mode. At the moment, Emby is as sparkling as Plex and could really become one of the best alternative apps like Kodi.

3) Stremio

Very similar apps like Kodi, Stremio allows you to enjoy TV shows and movies on different platforms mainly from a single screen. The great thing about using Stremio is that you will always find the best quality of content regardless of the medium you view it on. The platform allows the creation of a personal library to store all your content and collections. The service works correctly on different devices. Synchronizing the library on one point at the same time also synchronizes the other devices (tablet, smartphone, PC).

A further feature of Stremio called Linvo always guarantees that the data is correctly arranged on each device. There is a special notification setting that tells you if your favorite TV show has a new episode. The internal search engine also offers lots of suggestions on new shows you might like. Creating an account on Stremio is simple, but the service can only be used after registering an account.

As usual, if you don’t want to use your email, you can use free services for anonymous emails, so as not to receive future spam.

Stremio is available for Android, Iphone and iPad, Windows, mac and Linux.

4) OSMC alternative to Kodi

The abbreviation is the acronym of Open Source Media Center (OSMC). Relatively new and valuable apps like Kodi, the first thing anyone notices on OSMC is the extraordinarily simple interface. The simplicity of the design works as an undercurrent in all its operations: linked storage, local network and reproduction of multimedia content from the Internet. The interesting part is that OSMC is also built on the Kodi model. You could almost call it the Linux version of Kodi. Simply put, it works well with any Kodi add-on.

The software is secure, entirely open-source. In addition to the usual things, OSMC supports a range of Wi-Fi adapters and TV tuners. The web-based user interface and support for the desktop environment show that the platform is really solid. OSMC has won several awards such as those of Lifehacker, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. So much so that OSMC has also launched its flagship device, VERO 4K: hardware device with support for HD audio, 4K video and 10-bit content.

OSMC supports Windows, Linux, OS X, Raspberry Pi, Apple TV.

5) PopCorn Time Film and TV Series

The PopCorn Time apps like Kodi has been at the center of heated controversy in recent years. It is basically a free software with which you can stream movies and TV series, the problem is that it not only transmits legal, but also illegal content. In a nutshell: the software is not illegal in itself, it is illegal for any incorrect use by the user.

PopCorn Time therefore does not directly distribute Movies and TV series, it is a kind of Torrent program specifically for videos, a simplified showcase of everything on the Web.

Use PopCorn Time with caution, only to view content not protected by copyright, the software is compatible for Windows Mac and Linux computers, but you can also find it as a smartphone app.

Once the program has started (you will have to be connected to the Internet) two main sections will be displayed: Movies and TV Programs. You will have a wide list and it will not be easy to distinguish legal streaming products from illegal ones, actually. In any case, recent films and trendy TV series will certainly be illegal products (covered by copyright).

Possibility to also activate the subtitles in their native language. After choosing resolution, subtitles and language, you can start streaming playback, the software will download a first part of the content before running it in full screen.


TV programs, sporting events, streaming movies directly from the network displayed on your computer or on the TV connected to your PC. All this has always promised by Kodi, success over the years has been widely deserved, but at the same time it is a bit complicated software, with many settings to set. At the same time, many users would like a free media-center program that is easier to use, therefore we have collected best alternative apps like Kodi with basic functionality for managing and viewing movies or videos on the PC, but in a more simple way. Hope you have find your alternative apps like Kodi!

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