16 free cloud services to share large files

16 free cloud services to share large files

Today we bring you a compilation with 16 free cloud services to share large files, either by email or simply by sending a link. It is a type of web that can be useful in the professional field, but also when sending a particularly heavy file to a friend or family member.

Let’s start this article with a comparison chart in which we will add the main data of the services on our list. And then we will talk to you one by one of each of the selected services. You will see that we have everything, from those that have a size limit of one or two gigs but favor ease of use, to others with which you can send files of 10 or more GBs in weight.

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It is a file-sharing system that combines a P2P system with cloud storage. It requires that you install a small application, and its behavior depends on the size of your file. If it is less than 10 GB, it will be stored in the cloud so that whoever wants to download it when they want, and if it is higher, you will send it by pure P2P. Keep reading lucky patcher ios

This means that the recipients of your files can start downloading them before you complete any type of upload, although if it is not uploaded the download will be slower. TeraShare uses RC4 encryption, and its great disadvantage is that it is a bit complicated to use by uninitiated users.


WeTransfer is one of the simplest services that you can find to share files. It has a free mode that does not need any registration, and with which you can send up to 2 GB of data with no limit on the number of files included in that capacity. Of course, if you are looking for more space you will have to pay the 12 euros per month that your version plus costs.

This service uses TLS encryption while the files are uploaded to their servers, where they are stored with an AES-256 encryption. One of the drawbacks you may have is that there is no option in its free mode to add a password to the download, so anyone who gets the link can get hold of the files.


If you are looking for the possibility of sharing files without limits in size, SendThisFile may be an option to contemplate. However, although it does not stop being free, it has a negative point that requires you to registerwith a free account in order to use it.

The files are transmitted with 128-bit TLS encryption, but they are stored with an AES-256. Its free mode allows you to upload a file to a single container with no size limit, but you can access it for only 3 days. As usual, if you want advanced benefits you will have to resort to their multiple payment plans ranging from 5 to 100 dollars per month.

Firefox Send

If all you need is to send a file to a single person, the Send project covered by the experimental web program Firefox Test Pilot is a very simple solution to use. It’s free and you do not need to register, and all you have to do is drop a file on the web and share the link that you will generate with it.

You have to take into account some limits, such as the link disappears after the first download or after 24 hours, or the maximum size is 1 GB. However, this precisely makes it perfect for sending files that you do not want to be redistributed by sharing the link. Everything is deleted from the servers once the link disappears, and the service uses an AES-128 encryption.


Ydray is a service developed in Spain that competes for a space between the proposals destined to send large files. For this it has a free version in which you can send up to 50 files that occupy a total of up to 5 GB to a maximum of 20 recipients in the way of sending by mail, although if you generate a link you will not have limit of downloads.

To use it you will not need to register or create accounts, and the files will remain available 7 days after you upload them. The only downside that can be put is that they do not specify what encryption they use, although they ensure that they secure the files with the LOPD rules.


Another alternative if you are looking for an especially simple solution is Smash, whose free plan allows you to send files without a size limit, keeping them available for 14 days. The web is so simple that the only thing you will see in it is a button to open the file browser and decide which one you want to upload, at which point you will send it and the link will be generated.

You can add a password to the downloads, and you will not even need to register to use it. The service has a payment plan that, for 5 euros per month, allows you to keep the files for more than 14 days, have priority transfers and a history and reports to see how many times they have been sent.


MailBigFile has a very similar interface to WeTransfer, and in its free mode you can also upload up to 2 GB of data at one time. Yes, with a limit of 5 unique files in a container, which will be kept for 10 days on their servers so they can be downloaded up to 20 times. The downside is that AES 256-bit encryption is only included in your payment plans.


If the need to have a large size in the files that can be sent is more important than your privacy, Filemail may interest you a lot. It allows you to send files of up to 50 GB, which will remain online for 7 days, but your free plan does not include any type of encryption, which makes it inadvisable to send confidential documents.

For the rest, with this service you will not need to create any account to use its free mode, which includes the possibility of controlling the number of times that each file has been downloaded or the time remaining to expire.


DropSend is a service that allows you to send up to 5 files of 4 GB per month. It’s fast and simple, and does not require installing any software. In addition, it encrypts files with the AES 256-bit standard. The files are sent by mail, indicating yours, the person to whom you send it and including a message.


If you want to use TransferNow you will not need to register. In each shipment you can send up to 250 files with a total size of 4 GB, and in each transfer you can send it to up to 20 different senders. Transfers can be password protected, and there is no download limit when sharing them.

The files are available for download for seven days, although by sharing them you will be given the possibility to set a specific lower period to your liking. You also have acknowledgments of receipt and shipments through HTTPS. Yes, encrypted I’m afraid that nothing, or at least do not talk about it on their website.


If you are looking for a service where you can keep files in the cloud for the longest time possible, you may want to look at NoFile.io. It is characterized because you have several configurations of durability of the file online, and in addition to 30 days you have another option called “all the time possible”, which without giving a specific date makes the service commit to keep the files as long as they can online.

The service uses an AES-128 encryption, has a limit of 10 GB per file and works practically not any browser. They do not specify the maximum number of people who can download the file, so we assume that there are no limits, and everything is completely free pending the introduction of payment plans in the near future.

Fastest Fish

Fastest Fish is a pure P2P service. Instead of uploading a file to the service server, what it does is generate a private link that you have to send to the other person. Then, when the other person opens the link, the previously selected file will be sent.

The discomfort of all this is that both computers, that of the sender and the receiver, have to be switched on at the same time and connected to the web during the time the transfer lasts. The positive point, however, is that there are no limits on the size of the files to be sent. The service has full support for Chrome, and partial support for Edge and Firefox.


Another curious hybrid between conventional file sharing services and P2P is Instant.io. What it does is create a torrent with the file you send, and then share it with the Magnet URL so that anyone can download it. During this download, both the sender and the receiver have to be connected. Come on, that the difference with the previous service is that it creates a torrent file or Magnet link easier to handle in Torrent clients.


Volafile is a service that focuses on anonymity during shipments, so neither ask you to register or ask for information such as your email, phone number or any other that may lead to identify yourself. That means there is no mobile application or payment methods to expand your possibilities.

Its operation is also different, since the first thing you will have to do is create a private chat room where you are given a URL to invite other people. In that room you can upload files of up to 20 GB in size that disappear after 2 days, say what you want and let those who go download, speak or upload their own files to chat.

Google Drive

And although it was not intended for it, and certainly has no ability to send files as large as some other features, we will end up with a well-known application such as Google Drive precisely because almost everyone has a Google account. You need to register, yes, but any Android user already has an account.

With Google Drive you can send files of up to 5 TB in weight, but the free version only allows you up to 15 GB of storage, so obviously without paying this is the maximum you can send. In terms of security, Google Drive uses an encryption of your files when uploading them to your cloud, and allows you to use two steps to protect them.

Other personal clouds

Microsoft OneDrive offers you free 5 GB of free storage, Amazon Drive 10 GB, and you also have other alternatives ranging from DropBox to Mega, which are services that are not promoted by sending large files, but they can help you get out of more than one fix. Of course, in all of them you will have to register to use them.

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